Bodyweight Moves Gallery

Put a circuit together, put your game face on and crush your workout!

The Anywhere Workouts Challenge took place in August 2012. Competitors performed bodyweight moves wherever they found themselves – from Alaska to Botswana! The contest challenged them to perform exercises with no equipment anywhere they were – but the only way they could get credit was if they also posted notes on their form. Preventing injuries while exercising is easily accomplished through mindfully practicing good body mechanics.

I’ve included their submissions here along with the form notes they added (maybe a couple additions here and there). You can click the picture to make it bigger.

Anytime you need inspiration, are away from the gym, in a hotel, or find yourself lacking equipment, make yourself a circuit based on these moves or any of the moves in my bodyweight videos – have fun, be safe and get after it!

  • Nikki

    This is sooooo coooollll!!!! Thanks. Much love for this. The page is now bookmarked for easy use! Yeaahh!!

    • BettyRocker

      Yay! I’m glad you like it. The credit really goes to all the people who participated – they did a great job! Share your workout circuit when you put one together :)

  • Jessica

    Yay, I’m so glad you put this up, I’m going to use it all the time!! Thanks for adding in my incline push-ups pic too, hee hee! ;) I wish I had participated more during the actual challenge, but life got really craze there for a couple months…but I was there in spirit! :D

    • BettyRocker

      Your picture from before the contest started pushed me to make it happen. You were very much there in spirit!
      Hope everything in your life is going great!

  • Rita

    I am 51, 5.3′ and 165lbs. I have never worked out before and just don’t know where to start. My niece loves your site and sent me the link. I love your no BS attitude and find it very motivating! I don’t even know how to do some of the moves you talk about, I had to Google “planking” LOL
    But I am committed to getting in shape and loosing some weight.
    My friends all say start small, start moving and build from there. So I have started walking 3 miles a day. My plan is to do that for 2 weeks and then start adding exercises. What workout routine would you recommend above that I should start off with?

    Thanks in advance!

    • BettyRocker

      Hi Rita!
      First, welcome!!
      And that is so cool – your attitude kicks ass. I would do exactly the same thing, look up exercises and try things out.
      I would recommend you start out with my 5 day challenge. It has a little bodyweight circuit that you do every day for 5 days. You can look up those moves and read the material each of those days gives you. It’s an awesome primer for this lifestyle.
      Once you get through that 5 day period, take a look at the Witness the Fitness workout series on the blog. That’s a great jumping off point. Do what you can – the point is to move!
      And keep walking. That’s such an awesome form of exercise that you can really be consistent with. We were designed to move that way.
      Here’s a link to the 5-day challenge:
      Here’s a link to Witness the Fitness:
      We’ll be having a new 30-day challenge in January – those workouts will get you ready!
      Thanks for writing and have a great day!