Immune-Boosting Easy Herb and Spice Elixer


There are several versions of the immune boosting concoction I make in the morning - this is one I've been making recently and I want to share why it rocks my socks off. It's: fresh squeezed orange, fresh mint, fresh ginger, nutmeg, (cinnamon stick optional). Hot water. Here's what makes this such a powerful, immune-boosting beverage: Oranges: Vitamin C is vital to a properly functioning, healthy immune system - and can help prevent colds and recurring ear infections. It's also the #1 … [Read more...]

Delicious Blackberry-Ginger Muddled Mocktails

Delicious Blackberry Ginger Muddled Mocktails

Summertime Chillers! Sometimes a great meal needs great drinks. Summer events call for a delicious beverage in-hand. But what if you're not in the mood for alcohol, are training with specific goals, don't need the extra sugar from the alcohol, or just plain don't drink alcohol? My solution: Delicious Blackberry-Ginger Muddled Mocktails. Easy to make and even easier to sip. Everyone will want one. Yield: 6-8 drinks (more if you re-use your muddle) You will need: cutting board and … [Read more...]