Delicious Detox Dessert: White Chia Grapefruit Ginger Cups

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This dessert packs a powerful punch whether you're looking to detox, boost your immune system, or add a delicious, healthy new dessert to your repetoire! It takes very little time to make, you can do everything in the food processor - and hey, if you can't find white chia seeds this works great with black too. Why might you want to think about including foods with detoxifying or internally cleansing properties? Number one, the powerful nutrients in the ingredients I used to create this … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Pie Tartlets with Coconut Cream (paleo and vegan friendly)

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Happy Holidays! Do you have a favorite holiday dessert? Mine has ALWAYS been pumpkin pie! I've definitely made some changes to the recipe we had as kids...but it still tastes just as amazing as always. This year, I wanted to do something creative with my pumpkin pie, so I turned it into tartlets.... You're going to absolutely LOVE this variation - it basically means MORE crust...and this crust is a variation of my famous Perfect Nut Crust that friends tell me they could just eat by … [Read more...]

Sweet Potato Bourbon Pie (paleo friendly, gluten and dairy free)

sweet potato pie

This Thanksgiving, I wanted to share one of my absolutely favorite pie recipes with you.... One that's EASY to make, Tastes AWESOME, Impresses EVERYONE with its gourmet appeal and, Is incredibly good for you! Not only do I love the texture this silky sweet potato pie comes out to, the crust you're pairing it with will likely become one you'll want to try with other recipes. This crust took me about a month to get right but it was so worth it! I do different versions of it now … [Read more...]

Paleo-Friendly Gingerbread Protein Donuts with (optional) Dark Chocolate Maple Glaze

Photo Oct 21, 7 43 58 PM

Paleo Friendly Gingerbread Protein Donuts with (optional) Dark Chocolate Maple Glaze YES. Fall is here and I am CRAVING gingerbread!! These protein donuts make a delicious family-pleasing treat that's actually pretty darn good for us! I made these babies in our live Challenge Class Tuesday night - we did our fat burning, body sculpting challenge workout and talked about all the health benefits of the ingredients in these fabulous donuts while I was baking them! ️ Here is the recipe - … [Read more...]

Paleo Peach Pie

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My most recent get-together was in honor of my new apartment - and while I don't have any furniture to speak of yet my friends were happy to come help me hang up some new chalkboard wallpaper and sit at the kitchen counter while I cooked them dinner....and dessert of course! We have fresh Colorado peaches in season right now, and I was craving Peach Pie. I used the Perfect Pie Crust (paleo, vegan, nut free) (pre-baked) as the base. This may be my favorite dessert recipe of the … [Read more...]