Fat Loss Circuit

Get Shredded!Getting Shredded Requires Sweating!
Many people have this idea that to lose weight they have to spend 45 minutes on every piece of cardio equipment in the gym in one day. This is exhausting to your body, boring for you, and painful to watch. Please stop telling yourself you have to burn 1,000 calories on a treadmill because your Fitness App told you that your target calories today was 2100 and you already had a 1000 calories worth of donuts.

It’s all about making workouts fun so you forget about the numbers and enjoy the MOMENT. I like having a challenge, and I like it when my fat cries (lol). I do it two ways – one is focused intense HIIT (high intensity interval training) sessions. The second is circuits like this one that includes strength training with explosive bodyweight moves.

Here’s an example. Nevermind that the pictures are from different days – I’d rather you get a visual than worry about them matching – though I DO think I was actually wearing the same Lululemon pants in all of them haha! :)


1. Jump Rope for 2 minutes
(if you don’t have a jump rope, do jumping jacks)

2. Varying Plank Holds:
Yes, do all four of these plank holds in order.
30 seconds right arm
60 seconds front
30 seconds left arm
60 seconds reverse
Keep your shoulders stacked over your wrists, and your core engaged.

3. 10/10 Bosu Ball Hamstring Raises:
This move looks easy. It’s sneaky like that! You’ll engage your core as balance your upper body on the Bosu Ball, and get a killer burn in your hamstrings as you lift and lower on one leg. It hurts when I walk after I do these!
Beginners can start with both feet on the ground, and raise and lower the hips. You can also try the balance on one leg minus the ball either on the floor, or with your back on a bench.
Advanced add a 10lb weight to your hip as you raise and lower one leg.


4. 10 Burpees
Get your heart rate back up with burpees. Visit my good friend Maddie at PaleoGirlinTheCity for the perfect demonstration of how to do a burpee.

5. 15 wide grip Rows
Stand with your legs slightly bent to protect your lower back and engage your core. Set the height of the cable so you can pull the bar directly to your lower chest as shown. Keep your shoulders engaged and focus on the back muscles.

**Repeat the entire sequence 3 or 4 times. For an added challenge, time your rounds and try to keep yourself at the same pace each time through. THOSE are some fun numbers!

The amazing Maddie from PaleoGirlintheCity and I trying on some new threads at Lulu
The amazing Maddie from PaleoGirlintheCity and I trying on some new threads at Lulu


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