Aug 182013
Witness the Fitness Workout: Week 3

Have you asked yourself lately WHY you exercise? Is it because it makes you feel great afterward, or because you have a goal you’re working toward? I’m going to be honest, I work out for two reasons:  1. I want to be strong. 2. I want to feel beautiful. I love how good it feels [continue reading]

Aug 112013
Witness the Fitness Challenge Week 2

Who’s ready for WTF Week 2?  WTF, WTF! Is what everyone doing the #witnessthefitness challenge says to themselves about halfway through round 2 of one of these crazy effective circuits! You guys are doing great! It takes dedication to stick to commitments we make to ourselves – so I’m glad you’re back for more and [continue reading]

Feb 262013
Fat-Burning Bodyweight Move of the Day: Burpees

Burpees – my favorite total-body, fat-burning, get-shredded exercise!! The awesome Maddie B of paleogirlinthecity talks me through perfect form in 3 variations of this bodyweight move you can do in your living room. Burpees are a killer full body exercise that get your heart rate up, engage multiple muscle groups, and will whip your sexy [continue reading]

Oct 112012
Endurance Tabatas and Strength Circuit

**updated 11/9/13: Ultra Trainer may be an outdated App. I am currently using Seconds Pro. This is a fun workout I’ve been playing around with lately as an alternative to regular tabatas. If you’re not familiar with the concept of “tabata” it’s a specific format for high intensity interval training (HIIT) that employs a sequence [continue reading]

Aug 302012
Back Strengthening Exercises for Less Back Pain

Back day today. Have you tried a TRX? It’s an awesome system, great for all kinds of bodyweight exercises like these bodyweight rows. The deeper the angle of your body, the harder they get. Don’t neglect your back training.  One of the most common injuries I’ve treated as a structural alignment practitioner has been rotator [continue reading]

Jun 192012
WOD: Total Leg and Core Killer Workout

I love doing single-leg movements. They really challenge my balancing muscles and help me work on stabilizing my hips and core. Many people I work with have pelvic imbalances, so if you’re willing to really work on your form and watch yourself while you do this move, it can be incredibly helpful in isolating weaknesses [continue reading]