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Berry Green Protein

100% organic superfood greens shake,
with strawberry-vanilla flavor.

Full Body Collagen

Research-proven collagen peptides
for bones, joints and skin.

Quality Support for Your Whole Body, by Whole Betty

I was inspired to create the Whole Betty product line when I found myself at a loss to find the level of quality supplements I was looking for to support my own health and fitness journey.

I was determined to create whole food based products free of additives, artificial ingredients and fillers - that tasted great, were affordable, and that I looked forward to using. Join me behind the scenes inside the facility where our products are lovingly made, and find out why I use these products myself daily, share them with my friends and family, and most importantly with YOU!

Unicorn Seal

This Unicorn Seal represents that magic that exists when we give ourselves the love we deserve by eating, moving and thinking in ways that support our body, the people around us, and the world we live in.


Whole Body By

At Whole Betty, we believe that Whole Foods should form the foundation for what you put in your body. That’s why our ingredients are mindfully sourced and our blends are consciously created so you get the maximum health benefit, every time.

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Product Reviews

What Our Rockstars are Saying About Whole Betty Products…

“This is my favorite protein of all time. Two thumbs up from me - it's amazing and I can't say enough good stuff about it.”- Rebecca G.
Berry Green Protein
“I’ve been using the Full Body Collagen for a couple of weeks….I’ve had it every day and I totally noticed a difference. I have some spinal and joint pain, and it’s gone down since I started using this”- Melissa B.
Full Body Collagen
“It is a game changer for when I'm traveling...I've tried other powders that have greens in them and I just don't like the taste, and they're hard to mix with just water - and that is not the case with Berry Green Protein powder. It mixes super easily and it tastes great!”- Angela D.
Berry Green Protein
“It's quick and easy to go, and I can take it on the run...and it does taste amazing! I feel extra healthy when I drink this.”- Cheryl R.
Berry Green Protein
“When it comes to Whole Betty, the message is: Fuel your body, fuel your mind - be strong - and because of that, you feel really good about how you look and who you are and how you feel mentally and physically.”- Caral L.
Full Body Collagen
“What I love about this product is you can put it in anything and it mixes up really smoothly. I’ve tried other collagens before and they were clumpy. There are no added carbs or sugar, and there’s no taste.”- Tammy F.
Full Body Collagen

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