Feb 042013
Raspberry Carrot Ginger Detox Green Smoothie

This month, I’m participating in a great challenge on Instagram. For 30 days, my friends @fitmencook, @dieffs and other awesome instagrammers are posting weekly fitness and nutrition challengs. This week of detox may sound challenging, but it is actually very simple. Just make a green smoothie every day, and include some greens with each meal. [continue reading]

Feb 232012
Cleansing: Creating a Vessel of Awesomeness

The muscle cells in our body store all kinds of chemicals from things we’ve taken in years ago.  In the body alignment work I’ve done with people who have been in bad car and motorcycle accidents and fighting injuries, I’d actually seen the release of adrenaline and nausea-producing substances that had been stuck in muscle [continue reading]