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Betty Rocker Success Stories

A sample of some of the amazing success stories and pictures that Rockstars have sent me, including the programs they used. I love seeing their physical progress, but often the transformations they experience inside are even more profound. Taking charge of your health leads to improved energy, improved mood, more confidence, better sleep, and better quality of life! You can send me your success story using the form inside the SUBMIT YOUR STORY button below! To learn more about the experiences of our Rock Star community look at our Testimonial Support page.

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"I'm loving my results!"

I’ve been consistent with my workouts, and working on my nutrition but I’m loving my results!

- Stacy F.

90 Day Home Workout Challenge

"This program is so holistic!"

I have never been healthier or fitter in my life – nor have I ever been so self-confident! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this program because it really does work and it’s so holistic.

- Julie G.

Rock Your Life

"You are stronger than you think."

What’s surprising me is what you said before “your stronger than you think.” I’ve been noticing when I feel I can’t do it any more I concentrate on it, and get it done.

- Claudia M.

#makefatcry Challenge

"Making my FAT CRY!"

The Betty Rocker Challenge is making my FAT CRY!

- Abigail

#makefatcry Challenge

"Feeling happy with how far I've come!"

Feeling happy with how far I’ve come since January.
Some of the fat on my stomach is stubborn, but it’s getting smaller!

- Sara C.

Rock Your Life

"I'm really proud of myself for being consistent!"

I started with the free 30 Day Challenge during quarantine and moved on to the 90 day challenge. I’ve NEVER EVER NEVER stuck to any kind of work out program before so I’m really proud of myself for being consistent with workouts and nutrition!

- Brittini B.

90 Day Home Workout Challenge

"I am in the best health/shape I've ever been in."

Betty Rocker changed my life. I’m in the best health/shape I’ve ever been in. I did the 30 day and then went on to the 90 day. Finished it!! These are my results and I owe to you for the inspiration and drive to be the best I can be.  Thank you Bree! You are amazing!

- Jolene Y.

90 Day Home Workout Challenge

"I love my abs!"

I can’t believe the 30 days went by so fast! I love my abs!

- Heather M.

#makefatcry Challenge

"Busted through my plateau!"

I couldn’t bust the plateau. I work out quite a lot, but it wasn’t until I did Betty Rocker’s Body Fuel System that I had changes in my middle area. Seven months post-baby, and happy with this!

- Roslyn R.

The Body Fuel System

"I am amazed what a difference these workouts have made!"

I am amazed what a difference these workouts have made, and how much less I hate planks and reverse lunges now!

- Kristin R.

Rock Your Life

"Feeling psyched about my progress!"

3 weeks later I am feeling pretty psyched about progress!! Less squirrel wing chub and less layers covering my midsection… I’ll take it!!!

- Chelsea D.

30 Day Booty + Abs Challenge

"I feel amazing!"

Betty Rocker I have made progress I never expected thanks to this community!
I feel amazing and I love this group and the workouts we do!

- Nellie C.

Rock Your Life

"I can't believe how it just came off!"

I can’t believe how it just came off! I’m so thankful I found you.

- Liz D.

90 Day Home Workout Challenge

"This tribe and all the support that have been provided to me is so incredibly valuable..."

I’m getting ready to celebrate 3 years with this wonderful tribe. 2020 I started Betty Rocker with the 30 day challenge. I was tired and I hadn’t felt well in a long time. I did the 30 day and the 90 day and then I joined (Rock Your Life) and I started feeling a little better. I was focusing on my health more and listening to Bree’s podcasts, eating mindfully, getting sleep, etc. This tribe and all the support that have been provided to me is so incredibly valuable along with the knowledge I have now and continue to get is something I am incredibly grateful for.

- Meg N.

Rock Your Life

"I'm so grateful for this community!"

Progress pictures! Only a few more days of Summer Shred member challenge left, if you can believe it this is the longest I’ve stuck with a structured exercise regimen. I’m so grateful for this community and the opportunity to meet so many strong boss women.

- Sophie M.

Rock Your Life

"It's exciting to see the results of my hard work!"

Here are my progress pics from my first 30 days – slow and steady work! It’s exciting to see the results of my hard work!

- Jen W.

90 Day Home Workout Challenge

"Thanks for being such a great motivator!"

I am so happy with my results and can’t wait to see what they look like at day 30! Thanks for being such a great motivator!

- Katie L.

#makefatcry Challenge

"I feel so much stronger!"

I started with the makefatcry 30 day challenge, and then did the 90 day challenge immediately following. I feel so much stronger. Initially it was impossible to get up off the ground without using my hands after having my baby. Now I can do reverse burpees! I signed up for the Bikini Body Challenge (in Rock Your Life).

- Courtney K.

90 Day Home Workout Challenge

"18 months ago I couldn't do a sit up and only 1 push up!"

18 months ago I couldn’t do a sit up and only 1 push up! I was in a full blown menopausal whirlwind, with an onset of hay fever, severe sinusitis, asthma and an autoimmune condition that was attacking my body, all new to me! I was breathless and really thought I was rolling down a hill of no return. The docs said diet would not help me!

I found Betty Rocker a year ago with MFC since then I’ve revamped my fuel through her meal plans. I’m on top of all my newfound ailments, they are still there but diet keeps that autoimmune condition in check.

I’m a Warrior Woman (challenge) twice over, I’m a Fitness Addict (challenge). I’ve don 7 weeks of strength training: Sculpt Domination (challenge), two 5-day challenges and now I’m in the middle of Phase 1 of Lioness. I’m 68 pounds down in weight, I’ve got excess skin I’m trying to fill with muscle, I’m ok with that.

I’m more balanced, a better me, for myself and a better me for others.

- Zelda M.

Rock Your Life

"rock on Betties!"

My before and afters! Rock on Betties!

- Lani S.

30 Day Challenge Meal Plan

"10 months of Betty Rocker!!!"

10 months of Betty Rocker!!! Wish I would have taken progress pics with a swimsuit on! I started with doing whatever free workout felt good for my mood, and I didn’t really get on a plan for months, I’ve since done Home Workout Domination and am currently halfway through Abs and Booty. I love this encouraging group (Rock Your Life) and have found that programs are what I need to stay consistent!

- Brooke S.

Rock Your Life

"Thank you for this great program!"

So I’ve been feeling really good these past 2 weeks but wasn’t convinced it was translating to the outside – until I do my comparison pics – wow! Definitely the reinforcement I need to stay committed for the next 2 weeks and beyond! Thanks for this great program and all the supportive people participating!

- Alana B.

30 Day Challenge Meal Plan

"A new, healthier me!"

Still a work in progress, but I’ve been following the Body Fuel System and the workouts. Thank you for your help, to a new healthier me. The next phase is all up to me. I got this!!

- Veronica M.

The Body Fuel System

"Fitter, healthier, faster, and stronger!"

I have decided to be fitter, healthier, faster, stronger – thank you Betty Rocker! Here is a progress shot and my lifestyle change is evident. It has not been easy work it has been consistent and satisfying. The changes are not only on the outside I am also more confident, positive, happy and motivated.

- Bev W.

Rock Your Life

"The scale does not define progress!"

The left is pre-kids, probably after a 3 day cleanse. I was 137 lbs. The right was taken a couple days ago. 2 kids later. I’m 154 lbs.

The scale does not define progress!

Put out those photos when you start to question yourself! ❤️

- Courtney K.

Rock Your Life

"I'm happier and more confident than before!"

I love how much lean muscle I’ve been able to build, but more than that I am HAPPIER and more confident than before. That counts for so much!

- Kelly B.

Rock Your Life

"Healthier, plus physically and mentally stronger!"

I, Lindsey, began the 90 day challenge on May 22, and am finishing it on August 19th! The program was challenging for me because I didn’t always have energy and motivation to work out certain days, but I navigated the obstacles and made it through by telling myself I am strong and that I will feel so much better, and will definitely feel happier if I just get up and do it.

I showed up, did my personal best and am so proud of the work I did and the example I set toward reaching my goals of becoming healthier, as well as both physically and mentally stronger!

- Lindsey K.

90 Day Home Workout Challenge

"Thanks Betty Rocker!"

Thanks Betty Rocker! I tell all my friends about you!

- Gina B.

90 Day Home Workout Challenge

"I have achieved all my goals!"

My goals were to lose cm’s, feel good in my skin and commit to regular exercise. I have achieved all of it and feel great! I am stronger, I have more energy, I look forward to my workouts, and I have enjoyed the challenge.

- Dana C.

90 Day Home Workout Challenge

"It really works!"

Hi! I just finished the 30 day challenge. This is my before after pictures. I share them so u can see that it really work. I didnt lost a lot of weight but u can see that im smaller so go for it!!! And thank you betty rocker you rock!! im feeling so much better !!!

- Melina O.

30 Day Challenge Meal Plan

"So inspired!"

This was my first Betty Rocker challenge and I loved it! Here’s a pic from day one and now. I loved watching everyone’s progress. It was inspirational to me! Can’t wait to do it again!

- Carol K.

30 Day Booty + Abs Challenge

"Finally happy with my body!"

This inspiration you’ve given me has led me to lose 24 1/2 inches and 20 pounds. For the first time in my life (I’m 23) I can honestly say I’m happy with my body.

- Alicia A.

The Body Fuel System

"I was amazed how the weight melted off!"

With the help of Betty Rocker in March with my workouts and what to eat and when to eat, I’ve been able to knock off 15 pounds. I was amazed at how the weight melted off when I learned how to do everything correctly. I’m so happy with my progress!

- Nikki C.

30 Day Challenge Meal Plan

"I feel strong, healthy and confident!"

Yes, progress shown in the photos is great, but what these don’t show is the progress I made on the inside. I feel strong, healthy, and most importantly, confident.

- Chelsea J.

Home Workout Domination

"Try this program!"

I am a mom of three young children 4 and under, so when I decided to try out this program I honestly didn’t know I would make it past day 1. I literally haven’t worked out consistently in over 5 years. I just completed 30 of the 30 day challenge and finally feel in control of my diet and exercise. I am here to tell anyone who is thinking of making a lifestyle change to try this program! This program has taught me that everyone deserves at least 15 minutes, and I deserve to use my time to improve my health. My self-confidence has improved, my energy levels have improved, and my body is really starting to tone up! Moving on to the 90 day Challenge!

- Bailey Ann

#makefatcry Challenge

I am more comfortable in my own skin.

Today marks my 1 year Rock Your Life anniversary. I started MFC this time last year. Who knew I would build a home gym and complete Lioness twice along with other challenges mixed in.

I have not lost any weight but I know my body has changed composition and I am more comfortable in my own skin now. I have built muscle, a love for strength training, but most of all a community of amazing ladies to train with and get inspiration from.

My self worth and attitude toward my body have been altered through RYL. I am much kinder to myself now and better for it. I took progress photos today as I finished the Total Body Strength (challenge in RYL) yesterday!

- Sael F.

Rock Your Life