At Whole Betty, we believe that whole foods should form the foundation for what you put in your body. That’s why our ingredients are mindfully sourced and consciously created so you get the maximum benefit, every time.

Supplements are best used as a supplement to a healthy, balanced whole food diet.

When used in addition to quality nutrition, quality sleep, regular exercise and an active way to address daily stress, they can support our body’s own ability to heal itself and thrive.

A note from the founder of Whole Betty:
Bree Argetsinger, aka Betty Rocker

I was inspired to create the Whole Betty product line when I found myself at a loss to find the level of quality supplements I was looking for to support my own health and fitness journey.

As a health and fitness coach, it has been essential that I can speak from both personal experience and a scientific background about the wisdom and function of the body and how to take care of it.

While the science was clear that some supplements were beneficial to enhancing our health, I found myself struggling to consistently find brands and products that met my standards for quality, taste, affordability and integrity - from source to manufacturing.

I was determined to create whole food based products free of additives, artificial ingredients and fillers - that tasted great, were affordable, and that I looked forward to using. Supplements to my healthy lifestyle that provided additional support for my 4 pillars of health: sleep, nutrition, stress management and exercise.

Join me behind the scenes inside the facility where our products are lovingly made, and find out why I use these products myself daily, share them with my friends and family, and most importantly with YOU!

Quality Support for Your Whole Body,
by Whole Betty

This Unicorn Seal represents that magic that exists when we give ourselves the love we deserve by eating, moving and thinking in ways that support our body, the people around us, and the world we live in.

Product Reviews

What Our Rockstars are Saying About Berry Green Protein…

“I think the thing I like best about it that makes me recommend this protein is the brand. I really trust Betty Rocker and I really trust her products, and that what I'm putting in my body is CLEAN and that it's there to make me better, to make my workouts better and to make me healthier”- Kim H.
Berry Green Protein
“This tastes really good with anything, you can bake with it and it even tastes good by itself with just some almond milk or even water.”- Sara C.
Berry Green Protein

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