Muscle-Building Food of the Day: Hemp Seeds

Just 3 T of hemp seeds....

Why are Hemp Seeds one of my favorite foods? 1. There are 16g of protein in just 3 Tablespoons. (!!!!! that's amazing!!!!) 2. Their nutrition profile is not only high in protein, but low in fat (3g per serving) and moderate in carbohydrates (7g). This particular combination makes them an excellent muscle-building food. 3. They contain 5g of fiber per serving (and a serving is 3 T). A bowl of oatmeal has about 4-5g of fiber as a comparison. 4. Hemp seeds contain all of the essential … [Read more...]

FOD Video: The Health Benefits of Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter 0 01 59-30

Who loves peanut butter? I do! I always read the ingredients on the peanut butter I buy because manufacturers will sneak in sugar and other things that we don't necessarily want. Peanut butter, with its healthy mono and poly-unsaturated fats is a good source of slow-burning energy, and tastes awesome. I've got some more facts about this nut that's not quite a nut, and some recipe ideas...check out the video for the Food of the Day! … [Read more...]