Feb 262013
Fat-Burning Bodyweight Move of the Day: Burpees

Burpees – my favorite total-body, fat-burning, get-shredded exercise!! The awesome Maddie B of paleogirlinthecity talks me through perfect form in 3 variations of this bodyweight move you can do in your living room. Burpees are a killer full body exercise that get your heart rate up, engage multiple muscle groups, and will whip your sexy [continue reading]

Jun 192012
WOD: Total Leg and Core Killer Workout

I love doing single-leg movements. They really challenge my balancing muscles and help me work on stabilizing my hips and core. Many people I work with have pelvic imbalances, so if you’re willing to really work on your form and watch yourself while you do this move, it can be incredibly helpful in isolating weaknesses [continue reading]

Feb 212012
Workout of the Day: 30-second Plyometrics

FAT-BLASTING Plyo Circuit Try this fat-blasting Plyo workout that you can do using light weights or holding water bottles or evenly weighted house hold objects (think shampoo bottles, large olive oil jugs, water bottles, etc) Get your badass on! High intensity intervals that combine explosive strength moves burn fat much faster and more efficiently than [continue reading]