Star Wars Ninja Chocolate Christmas Cookies – gluten and dairy free

Beat the gluten free flour in on low

What could be more fun than Christmas cookies? Ninja and Star Wars Christmas cookies, of course! As you all know, I am a complete nerd. For proof of this, please refer to my most recent workout video, where I am dressed as Lara Croft in Tombraider. As a life-long Star Wars fan, Kitchen Jedi and Body Ninja, I will tell you with 100% certainty that when it comes to Christmas and baking, I don't mess around. These cookies are freaking awesome!! All of the ingredients in this recipe are good … [Read more...]

What it Takes: 50 Motivational Quotes that hit as hard as Chuck Norris

Anyone can be cool....

When life gets hard, it's easy to get discouraged. I think the natural order of things actually REQUIRES that we struggle so we can test ourselves, grow from our challenges and become our best selves. I love quotes. I have a giant collection of them. Sometimes I just have to read one and it gets my mind back on track. Quotes, like everything great are better when they're shared - so I've compiled my favorites for you. I've started collecting videos that motivate me lately, and I've included … [Read more...]

Coconut Molasses Brussels Sprouts


How to Make the Best Brussels Sprouts Ever Brussels sprouts are an incredible vegetable, they are 25% protein (awesome), high in fiber, vitamin A, potassium and calcium and are one of the cruciferous, sulfur-rich vegetables it is so important to include in our diets. They contain very high levels of vitamin C - about 4 times as much as an orange - and their anti-oxidant benefits will help clean up free-radicals and detoxify your body. As for the importance of sulfur-rich vegetables in our … [Read more...]