Strawberry Crepes

Strawberry Crepes

Delicious, Healthy and Fun! These crepes are delicious, simple and fun to make with kids. I use sprouted spelt flour in this recipe. Spelt flour contains some gluten (a plant protein), though less than wheat flour. The sprouting process allows for a partial breakdown of the gluten (and other anti nutrients found on the external coating of the bran) which accomplishes a "pre-digestion" effect. This allows us to easily absorb and assimilate all of the healthy nutrients in the spelt, without … [Read more...]

Chocolate Ninja-Bread Men


These Cookies are so Ninja they Will Disappear Before Your Eyes... Get ready for some serious awesomeness! I was going to make regular gingerbread men (albeit my healthy version) this holiday season but my friend Raimee found these Ninja cookie cutters so we got to make Ninja Bread Men...and you can too! This is such a fun project to have help with - invite your friends and their kids to help you roll out the dough and decorate your ninja bread men...and of course eat them! Chocolate … [Read more...]

Cinnamon Pancake Sandwiches

pancake sandwich

If fitness and fat-minimizing are your goals, then breakfast is your most important meal of the day. You want to fire up the metabolic furnace as soon as you can, and give your body the energy it needs for 'all systems go.' Today for breakfast I concocted some pancake sandwiches to satisfy the big kid inside and fuel my body with the right stuff to start my day. Cinnamon Pancake Sandwiches 1 egg + 1 egg white 1/2 cup oat bran + 2 T sprouted spelt flour (or substitute almond meal to … [Read more...]

Dairy-Free,Wheat-Free Apple Pie

pie crust

When I was about 10, my amazing grandmother took the time to hand-write a cookbook of family dessert recipes for me. She left room at the end for me to write in my own recipes, and I have my favorite apple pie and pie crust recipe in the back of her book. I've adapted many of our family recipes to suit my alternative diet - I am lactose intolerant, and generally do wheat and/or gluten free. Today I'm making a dairy-free piecrust, with Earth Balance buttery sticks. It's also … [Read more...]

Wheat-free, Dairy Free Apple-Blueberry Protein Muffins

Ultimate Apple-Blueberry Protein Muffins

This was one of my first ever cooking videos. I left it the way it is so you can see the evolution of the things I've learned over the years about how to take better and better care of my body. We all start somewhere, and for me I've moved away from using processed items and towards using foods that are more whole and natural. Since the time this video was filmed, I've started using sprouted grains in my cooking and baking, and tend to use real, grass-fed butter or coconut oil for baking … [Read more...]