May 112012
Strawberry Crepes

Delicious, Healthy and Fun! These crepes are delicious, simple and fun to make with kids. I use sprouted spelt flour in this recipe. Spelt flour contains some gluten (a plant protein), though less than wheat flour. The sprouting process allows for a partial breakdown of the gluten (and other anti nutrients found on the external [continue reading]

Feb 202011
[Video] Ultimate Apple-Blueberry Protein Muffins

Beefing up recipes with protein powder is really fun and easy. My good friend Casey is getting shredded for race season and I wanted to make something that tasted great to support his hard work. I took an old family apple muffin recipe and added some blueberries and vanilla whey protein powder, and tweaked a [continue reading]

Feb 152011
[Video] Valentine's Day Chocolate Heart Shaped Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies

*Happy Valentine’s Day from Betty Rocker. This was the very first Betty Rocker video I ever made, and it was inspired by a breakup I had just before Valentine’s Day in 2011. I had this big plan to make these cookies for my guy, but it wasn’t to be. Instead of giving up on Valentine’s [continue reading]