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Workout Plans

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Home Workout Domination

8 Week Workout Plan

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Home Workout Domination

8 Week Workout Plan

HOME WORKOUT DOMINATION is perfect if you’re looking for a time-saving workout plan to do at home, at the gym, or on the road – this plan will tone and tighten your entire body, and sculpt your legs, butt, abs and arms!

This Plan Will:
  • Give you leaner lines, more sculpted curves, and a sleeker, more toned look in just 8 weeks
  • Maximize fat burn with workouts designed to trigger the after-burn effect, keeping your body in a fat-burning state for up to 38 hours post-workout
  • Train you head to toe with resistance, strength, and plyometric moves for the ultimate conditioning experience
  • Save you time with fast, fun and effective superset sequences to challenge your muscles
  • Be easy to use with options to add in minimal equipment like: dumbbells, yoga mat, resistance cables, jump rope, swiss ball, sliders

The 8-Week Home Workout Domination Plan includes:
  • Guided Video Demos with Coach Betty Rocker
  • Full-length, follow-along Workout Videos for:
    • Lower Body
    • Upper Body
    • Full Body
    • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
    • Yoga Sculpt


  • Healthy Eating Jumpstart Guide: helpful tips about healthy, sustainable whole-food eating for natural fat loss, including how to measure progress the right way, the Top 5 Questions to ask yourself about food, and more!
  • 60-Day Coaching and Accountability E-Course, delivered right to your inbox
  • Workout Calendars and Trackers to help you stay on course!

“16 weeks of Home Workout Domination (I did it twice). SAME WEIGHT – less inches! I’m moving on to Lioness, and I can’t wait to see my results!”
-Theresa V.

Get going with Home Workout Domination today!

30 Day Booty + Abs Challenge

#SexySculpt Your Booty and Abs

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30 Day Booty + Abs Challenge

#SexySculpt Your Booty and Abs

Define your abs and sculpt your booty and legs with this time-saving 30-day workout plan that can be done at home or in the gym!

Here’s what’s included:
  • Follow-along workout video tutorials
  • Options shown so you can do this with no equipment, or some simple home workout equipment like dumbbells, stretchy bands and an exercise ball
  • Full body workout plan, with emphasis on your booty and abs – so you don’t need any other workouts to make this a complete program
  • 30-Day Interactive Challenge Workout Calendar to set yourself up with a complete workout plan!
  • Printable Workout Guide with form tips and workout descriptions
  • Daily Email Push to keep you on track and going strong!
Preview this program:

Get started today and see what a difference 30 days can make!


8­-week Women’s Strength Training Program

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8­-week Women’s Strength Training Program

Build, strengthen and sculpt your most fit, sculpted physique ever with the empowering 8­-week LIONESS Strength Training Program!

INCLUDED: Complete 8­-Week Weight­ Training Program
  • Insanely effective strength-training program in 2 phases ­(8 weeks)
  • Do it at home with the full length follow along workout video demos, or take it to the gym and use the short video tutorial options to quickly see form, options for equipment and more!
  • New to weight-training? Start simply, at home with dumbbells, stretchy bands a bench or step, and an exercise ball.
  • Ready to hit the gym? Guided tutorials to help you use the best equipment available.
  • Effectively track your progress with the Weekly Workout Trackers
  • Options for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Lifters

Workout Preview:

INCLUDED: 8-Week Done­ For You Meal Plan (unique to this program)
  • Family­-friendly whole food recipes (gluten-free, dairy-free, plus vegetarian options included)
  • Grocery shop with ease using your Weekly Shopping Lists
  • Easily prep some, or all of your weekly food with done for you Food Prep Steps
  • Eliminate all the guesswork with Daily Menus, with room for eating out
  • Quick Start Guide to help you dive right in

Get started today!

90 Day Home Workout Challenge

No Equipment Needed

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90 Day Home Workout Challenge

No Equipment Needed

Get stronger, leaner, faster and more energized from home in 90 days with new moves in each 15 minute workout to challenge your muscles and fast­-track your fitness – combined with healthy eating guidelines and whole food recipes to sculpt you from the inside out!

Build healthy fitness habits to last a lifetime and develop strong functional fitness foundations while putting your body on fat­-burning autopilot with these fun metabolic circuits, designed to strengthen, sculpt and tone your entire body!

  • 90 day progressive bodyweight workout program, with full-length follow along workout videos
  • Workout demonstrations for beginner, intermediate and advanced exercise seamlessly integrated into each workout
  • Weekly Mobility and Motivational Goal Setting series to help you stay on track

Simplify your HEALTHY EATING with the 8­-week Challenge Meal Plan (unique to this program) ­ that includes healthy recipes (gluten and dairy free, Vegetarian options included), grocery lists, daily menus and food prep guides

  • 8 week meal plan guide, with healthy recipes, daily menus, food prep guides, and shopping lists
  • Healthy eating made EASY with options for very busy people and a variety of ways to integrate the principles into your life
  • Recipe Guide with over 120 easy, healthy recipes (gluten and dairy free, vegetarian options included)

SPECIAL BONUSES to speed your results and support you along the way!

  • The entire 30 Day #makefatcrychallenge Video Collection – yours to keep!
  • Body Balancing and Alignment Series – includes stretches for your entire body, core and glute alignment and push up progression instruction
  • 90 Day Coaching E-course – daily push emails to keep you on track. Set your own start date, and control whether you get daily emails or 2 a week (option starts on day 14) for a custom experience.

Start your journey today!

Meal Plans

The Body Fuel System Eating Guide

Healthy Eating Made Easy

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The Body Fuel System

Healthy Eating Made Easy

This easy eating SYSTEM is a complete blueprint to making foods work like a team in your body so you can burn more fat, feel more energized and create a LIFESTYLE that supports your activities without endless calorie counting and hours in the gym!

Learn how to immediately reduce inflammation and burn fat off your body without going on some crazy elimination diet or never eating carbs again ­ and instead combine the RIGHT foods into delicious, simple meals so you can finally eat your way into your healthiest, fittest physique ever.

  • Complete Guide to Nutrition, starring the cast of the Avengers to make sense of all the complicated, competing nutrition information ­ so you can quickly access exactly what you need to know and start taking action on it right away.
  • Money-saving strategies and grocery store ninja tips
  • Dining out and eating healthy while traveling tips
  • How to eat your favorite junk foods guilt-free

Also Included 6 Week Customizable Done­ For You Meal Plan* with:

  • 3 Eating Types – so you can be successful whether you are a beginner, are very busy, or like to batch prep your food.
  • Weekly Success Planners
  • Done for you Grocery Lists – customized to your eating type
  • Food Prep Steps – customized to your eating type
  • Healthy, family-­friendly delicious recipes (gluten free, dairy free, Vegetarian options included)
  • Follow ­along Daily Menu Guides

*this meal plan is completely unique to this program

You’ll have all the information you need to set yourself up for a LIFESTYLE of lasting success, plus a plan to follow to easily put it all into practice right away!

The inspiration you’ve given me has led me to lose 24 1/2 inches and 20 pounds! For the first time in my life, I can say I’m happy with my body. I never really believed in dieting – I was always active, but after following you I realized it’s all what I put in my body. Just wanted to say thank you!-Alicia A.

Get Started Today!

30 Day Challenge Meal Plan

Healthy Eating Guide

Learn more

30 Day Challenge Meal Plan

Healthy Eating Guide

Get ready to enjoy tasty, delicious meals designed to support your body in melting off unwanted fat, and sculpting a toned, fit physique from the inside out!

Here’s what’s included:

  • Your Healthy Eating Guide to super-charge your 30-Day Challenge results while sculpting and toning you from the inside out
  • Follow-along Daily Menu Guides taking the guesswork out of eating while combining the right foods at the right times with your workouts
  • Easy Food Prep System designed to fit your busy lifestyle
  • No-Brainer Grocery Lists making sure you never overbuy or waste ingredients
  • 70+ delicious, easy-to-make Recipes (gluten and dairy free, with vegetarian options – all Betty Rocker recipes are gluten and dairy free, and the meal plans include options for Vegetarians as well)
  • Special BONUS GIFTS – Food Swaps and Substitution Guide, The Complete 30-Day Challenge Recipe Guide and Delicious Healthy Recipe Dessert Guide

*this meal plan is completely unique and not found in any of the other meal plan programs

RESULTS: 80% Food, 20% Exercise

Every time you eat, you’re creating the foundation and tissue that make up the actual shape and structure of your body – and every time you exercise, you’re simply putting the finishing touches on the beautiful physique you’ve sculpted with what you put in your mouth.

7 Day Meal Plan Eating Guide

Jumpstart your healthy eating!

Learn more

7 Day Meal Plan

Jumpstart your healthy eating!

Try a week of healthy time-saving delicious recipes in a done-for you 7-Day Meal Plan that will burn fat and support your active lifestyle!

This plan is for busy people who want easy to make healthy recipes and a simple layout of the best combination of nutrients to boost metabolism, increase energy, burn fat naturally and support an active healthy lifestyle.

What’s Included:
  • Time-saving healthy recipes (gluten-free, dairy free, Vegetarian options included)
  • Nutrients Guide – learn how to do this on your own with this handy guide that will show you how to identify the nutrients and combine them
  • Fit Body Cheat Sheet – learn how to balance your meals, how to eat at different times of day, and how to make it work in the real world
  • Weekly Success Planner – plan and track your week and stay on top of your game
  • Done-for-you grocery list – your week of healthy food at a glance
  • Daily Menu Guides – know what to eat when with these done for you daily meal plans – flexible and easy to use

You can follow the meal plan as it’s written, or ease into things slowly, enjoying some of the recipes, and use the daily menus as an outline to follow for your meals if you are traveling, eating out or just want a good guideline to follow.

You’ll have all the information you need to easily set yourself up for a LIFESTYLE of lasting success, with the exact strategies I use to put my meal plans together.

Take a closer look by learning more, or start now!

Online Home Workout Studio

Come join us in Rock Your Life! Our empowering, positive, uplifting
community will welcome and support you as you progress forward.

  • 5 new classes you can do from home every week for constant variety and fun! Drop in on your schedule - they're all loaded right into your workout library!
  • Choose a workout from hundreds of options by body part you want to train, how much time you have and workout style!
  • Take a 30-day Challenge complete with an interactive calendar and daily email push to keep you on track!
  • Check in with us in your private support community and make new friends, plus get your questions answered by the coaches!

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