White Chocolate Peach Protein Muffins (gluten free, dairy free)

white chocolate peach protein muffins

Hello, Spring! Try these easy, delicious muffins - they're super fun to make (and eat) with your family and the ingredients are all wholesome and delicious. If you're not familiar with coconut flour, it's a wonderful addition to your gluten-free baking. It's made from the pulp that's extracted during the coconut milk-making process, and has the highest fiber content in any flour (58%). It's super absorbent, and keep in mind a little goes a long way so measure with care. This is not a … [Read more...]

Cryotherapy Review

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Cryo What? While I was in San Diego a couple weeks ago, my super healthy fitness friend (#shff) A.J. was telling me about a treatment he uses to speed up his recovery between tough workouts where he gets into a below freezing chamber and stands there for 120 seconds. Cold therapy treatment isn't new - though this quick, simple application of it is. Cold therapy has been used for pain management, inflammation reduction and healing for a long time - and if you've ever gotten into an ice bath … [Read more...]

5️ Move Booty Challenge️

booty challenge thumb play

What's up ROCKSTAR! I got inspired at home and took my booty workout up a level - onto a couple chairs! When you try this, please make sure your chairs are secure (on a carpet or against a wall) so they don't move and so you can be safe and focus on the squeeze and not on falling! It's just 5 moves - have fun, and comment below if you try this! Make sure you signed up for my free 30-day home workout challenge if you haven't taken it yet! 4 rounds, do each move for 1:00 1. Bridge … [Read more...]

Organifi Review: No Blender? No Problem! Greens on the Go!


No Blender? No Problem! This portable green juice is my go-to when I'm traveling, and I'm always glad to have it on hand at home when I run out of fresh greens! It's got a great minty taste and will leave you feeling refreshed and energized - and it's PACKED with awesomeness. Organifi was created by FitLife TV founder, Drew Canole and his team.  Drew and I became friends when we realized we shared the same values about health and wellness, and he has the same dedication and commitment … [Read more...]

Hot Legs Challenge

hot legs play thumb

Comment below if you're up for this Hot Legs Challenge! ️ Just 6 moves you can do at home with towels (or paper plates on a carpet)!️ 3-4 rounds, 0:45-1:00 each move!  1. Side slides - work those inner and outer hips and thighs! Make sure the stationary leg is stable and knee is tracking in line with the toe, and don't slide out too far! Hold a chair back for balance as needed 2. Front Slide lunge (right, then left) - one leg slides forward and back while the other leg stays stationary. … [Read more...]