Moving Box Full Body Shred Workout 2

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Oh yes, moving is ROUGH! It's one of the easiest and most legit reasons to fall off track with your fitness routine. But there is something very therapeutic about taking charge of a still messy space and moving your body - after all that's one vessel that you take with you no matter where you go. I put this little circuit together before everything was even close to unpacked using just a moving box - and I invite you to sweat it out with me and get a great workout... Because hey, … [Read more...]

The Top 7 Questions Women Ask About Weight Training

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The Top 7 Questions Women Ask About Weight Training What's up ROCKSTAR! Today I’m joined by 2 of my good friends -who are also trainers - to answer the Top 7 Questions Women Ask About Weight Training. Since so many of my wonderful readers are using the new Lioness Strength Training Program, I wanted to take a few minutes to answer the most common questions I get - from women of all experience levels. Coach Maddie Berky and WBFF Pro Jessica Williams are here to add their perspective … [Read more...]

Dark Chocolate Mousse (dairy free, Paleo)

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Dark Chocolate Mousse It was a Saturday night and I had Maddie (the awesome creator of MadWellness) over at my place. We were in a celebratory mood after having just watched our friend Jessica take 1st place and win her pro card at the WBFF Denver competition. Jessica has been working nonstop for the past 6 months - between school, bartending and training it was a wonder she got any sleep! We were screaming so loud there is no way they weren't going to pick her haha. In … [Read more...]

The 3 Most Effective Booty Building Lifts: Squats, Deadlifts and Forward Lunges

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The 3 Most Effective Booty Building Lifts Sample Workouts to incorporate these moves below. Who wants to build their BOOTY? Today I’m joined by 2 other awesome CPT's who happen to be great friends of mine! Maddie Berkey specializes in Olympic Lifting and Crossfit. Jessica Williams is a WBFF Competitor - Maddie and I are actually going to see her compete this weekend here in Denver! We got together in my gym this week to break down 3 of the MOST effective booty-building lifts so … [Read more...]

Best Complete Abs Workout (video guide)

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When it comes to training your abs, you want to make sure you're targeting all of the key layers of muscle for best results. That's why I like to combine a sequence of movements that includes the deep stabilizing muscles of the abs and back, as well as targeting the obliques, lower and upper abdominals. This circuit is one that hits all the most important elements for abs strength, and will give you a phenomenal result. There are 3 main moves, but with the other options you'll actually … [Read more...]