5️ Move Booty Challenge️

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What's up ROCKSTAR! I got inspired at home and took my booty workout up a level - onto a couple chairs! When you try this, please make sure your chairs are secure (on a carpet or against a wall) so they don't move and so you can be safe and focus on the squeeze and not on falling! It's just 5 moves - have fun, and comment below if you try this! Make sure you signed up for my free 30-day home workout challenge if you haven't taken it yet! 4 rounds, do each move for 1:00 1. Bridge … [Read more...]

12-Minute Full Body Sculpt Home Workout

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YOU can do this workout absolutely anywhere - including your living room - I happened to be up in the Flatirons in Boulder, Colorado on a hike and had to take advantage of the landscape! You can modify this workout easily in several ways - use the notes below the video for alternate moves and form tips to help you get the most out of this short, fast workout. It takes 12 minutes if you do each move for 30 seconds and go through 3 rounds. You can also make it longer by extending each of … [Read more...]

Moving Box Bodyweight Shred Workout

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Moving can be so chaotic!! It certainly felt like it this time, moving across the country back home to Denver. If you've ever moved I'm sure you can relate. I had a lot of issues with this move - things got damaged on the moving truck, the shipping company "forgot" to ship my car, the list goes on. BUT - that's life! Instead of focusing on all of the craziness and chaos I did the one thing I could control throughout my move which was to make a workout happen every couple days. Not … [Read more...]

The Grill Workout: 10 BodyWeight Moves for that Summer Sizzle

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Summer 2014 is officially here, and it's time to GET SERIOUS about that body sizzle! You know I love doing my bodyweight shred workouts in crazy places, so for today's fat-burning, body strengthening workout I jumped on this gorgeous firepit grill at my friend Catherine's house :) So we are going to sizzle fo rizzle on the grizz-al with these 10 fat-burning, body shredding moves! Use the workout format and form tips just below the video and let me know how you do - no equipment needed, … [Read more...]

8-Minute Leg Shred Challenge

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Of the many places I have lived, I never enjoyed a training facility as much as Endorphin. Owned by Chris Lindley, there are 5 unique locations that features the best spin, yoga, boxing and high intensity warrior style classes I've ever seen, teacher training programs, retreats, great weight training facilities, fantastic trainers, and most of all a community of amazing people. I travel back to Denver regularly and train there every chance I get - and today I wanted to give you a taste of … [Read more...]