5 Moves for a Sexy Stomach at Endorphin (formerly Qi Extreme)


While I was in Denver last week, I dropped by to see my friend Chris Lindley, owner of Endorphin (formerly Qi Extreme) and crazy fitness junkie at his revamped Lowry location. The Lowry studio has turned into one of the coolest places to work out in the city, with inspired graffiti covering the walls, and a huge indoor set up of monkey bars and fitness equipment. The studio itself (one of 5 unique Qi locations) also contains a state of the art Ryder spin room - if you're not familiar with … [Read more...]

Deep Core and Shoulder Complex Exercise


Happy Monday, FitFam! The weather is beautiful, summer is coming and my shoulders are getting WORKED today! One of my Instagram friends (@gogreenfit) whose goal is to become the strongest man in the world posted this move using the bosu and the stability ball a few months back and I have been thinking about trying it! This is freaking amazing, works your core stabilizers, your arms, shoulders and is just a seriously awesome complex move. Do it with your friends and try it out - be … [Read more...]

Fat Loss Circuit

Get Shredded!

Getting Shredded Requires Sweating! Many people have this idea that to lose weight they have to spend 45 minutes on every piece of cardio equipment in the gym in one day. This is exhausting to your body, boring for you, and painful to watch. Please stop telling yourself you have to burn 1,000 calories on a treadmill because your Fitness App told you that your target calories today was 2100 and you already had a 1000 calories worth of donuts. It's all about making workouts fun so you forget … [Read more...]

Make Your Fat Cry with HIIT


I don't do cardio often, but when I do....
 If you want a super effective way to burn fat fast, try high-intensity-interval-training (HIIT) a couple times a week. 
It will get your heart rate and your metabolism in high gear. Combine it with weight training for a great strength-building/fat loss program. If you're in maintenance mode, HIIT is still a fun, challenging workout you can add in - I do it every couple weeks. I personally weight train 3 x a week and randomly do a fun cardio … [Read more...]


ab attack

**Just added a bonus move to this sequence that you can try** I used to think that the only way to get my abs looking really good was to do 5 different exercises each time I trained them. While doing multiple exercises is effective when you're targeting the various ab layers, you can also be extremely effective focusing on just 2 - and adding a cardio piece to superset them. To really attack my shredding goals, I like to add a plyometrics (explosive movement) move to each of my ab exercises. … [Read more...]