Nov 252014
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Kate Vidulich, BSC, ACSM, CTT

If you’re looking for a total body workout that you can do at home, in less than 25 minutes, no equipment required, you’re in the RIGHT PLACE!

In this week’s Rock Your Life Challenge Class, we were joined by special guest trainer Kate Vidulich, Australian fitness rockstar, fat loss expert, and the creator of Fat Loss Accelerators.

In addition to the killer workout we did, Kate and I talked about how she got into fitness and the major wake up call that got her to get serious about fat loss and a healthy lifestyle.

We talked about the difference between good and bad fat, how to calculate your body fat percentage, Kate’s 3 secrets to burn fat sustainably and a whole lot more on the live call. 

Join us for the highlights of our class and get all 7 moves from the workout!

Total Body Awesomeness Workout with Kate V. and B. Rocker


Kate has a new program out, it’s called Bodyweight Cardio 500 and it’s AWESOME!! She added a special discount for the Betty Rocker Fit Fam…

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Format: 3 rounds,  little rest (0:05-0:10) between each move, short rest (0:10-0:20) between each round.

  • BEGINNER: 0:30 seconds each move
  • INTERMEDIATE: 0:45 seconds each move
  • ADVANCED: 1:00 each move


1. Bulgarian Split Squat

  • Using a chair or bench, place the top of your left foot on top of the chair or bench. Plant your right foot on the ground with enough room so that your knee doesn’t go over your toes when you squat down. 
  • Start by squatting down as low as you can go and then come back up. Repeat on the same leg for half of the time, and then switch legs.
  • MOD: Hold onto a wall or chair back to help your balance, or work on regular body squats on 2 legs

2. Walk Out to Cross Body Mountain Climbers

  • Start by standing up straight. Reach your hands to the ground and walk out to a plank position.
  • Do 4 cross-body mountain climbers by bringing the opposite knee to elbow. Walk your hands back to your feet and stand up.
  • MOD: Use any modification you need to come from standing to full plank. For example, drop to your knees and walk out to a kneeling plank. You can also do bicycle crunches here if you need to get off your shoulders.

3. Air Jump Rope

  • Jump up and down with both feet together, like you’re using a jump rope. Do any jump rope variation you like! Stay light on your feet.

4. Single Leg Reverse Dead Lift (RDL) to Curtsy Lunge

  • Stand on your left foot, pressing through your left heel. Reach your arms out or forward and slowly hinge forward at the hips, allowing your right leg to lift behind you. Keep your hips square. Try to keep a slight bend at your knee. 
  • Return to start and bring your right leg behind you to a curtsy lunge. Repeat on the same leg for half the time, then switch.
  • MOD: Hold a chair back or wall each time you hinge forward to help with balancing. You can also simply perform reverse lunges on your right leg, then switch to your left.

5. Split Shuffle

  • Standing up tall, shuffle your feet back and forth in place. 

6. Bodyweight Renegade Rows

  • Start in a tall plank position with feet slightly wide, row one hand up to meet your ribcage and bring it back down to the floor. Repeat on the other side and continue like this for the entire time. Really focus on squeezing your back during the row.
  • Keep your belly button hugging up toward your spine and try not to let your hips roll up. You can add weights to this if you have some.
  • MOD: Do this on your knees.

7. Burpees

  • Begin standing. Squat down to place your hands on the floor below your shoulders. Jump or walk your feet back so that you are in a tall plank position. Do a push up (knees or toes). Jump or walk your feet back to your hands and jump up into the air. 

This workout will take you less than 25 minutes and will burn some serious fat, strengthen your entire body and probably melt your face off :)

My #1 tip for handling Holiday food is to do one of these workouts the day of or the day before – the afterburn effect will have you maximizing your fat burn for up to 38 hours post workout.

I hope you REALLY enjoy your holiday – for me it’s all about gratitude and being thankful.

I’ve started a special Gratitude Burpees Challenge with my members this holiday season – whenever we have burpees in a workout we have to say a gratitude with each one. I challenge you to try it!

I’d love to see YOU in class, so be sure to check out the Rock Your Life Membership Program and hear what other members are saying!

Happy Holidays!

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