Jul 162014

Photo Jul 16, 17 43 34You don’t need much time and you don’t need any equipment to get a serious workout for your thighs, abs and triceps!!

I know those areas can be trouble spots for a lot of us…areas that like to store stubborn fat that keep us from seeing that lean, sculpted muscle.

I have to be brutally honest guys,

….doing workouts that target your troubled body parts will not magically melt the fat off of those areas.

BUT – what they will do is sculpt the lean muscle that creates the shape you want to see and contributes to the overall reduction of fat we carry.

One of the MOST important parts to uncovering your muscle (and supporting it) is eating a balance of nutrients. Be sure you’ve got a good system in place when it comes to eating right.

Fat comes off our body systemically (which means all over our bodies), and in an order governed by our DNA. It will come off in the order it came on. So unfortunately, doing a bunch of ab workouts alone is not going to melt off your belly fat – just like doing 100 thigh moves won’t magically reduce your thigh jiggle.

But – that’s totally okay. We’re going to be way more efficient with our workouts and actually target all of our fat at the same time AND get stronger and leaner in the process. Workouts like the one we’re doing today efficiently target body fat AND build muscle by incorporating 2 important elements: resistance and high intensity.

Carrying around more lean muscle is ideal because it helps you more efficiently burn calories at rest, increases your strength and contributes to your ability to enjoy a more active and healthy lifestyle. And…it looks great!

Get today’s workout and try out these moves – form notes and modification suggestions are just below. Let me know how you do!

12 Minute Bodyweight Burn for Thighs, Tri's and Abs

Format: Each move for 0:30, 0:45 or 1:00 depending on your fitness level/preference, repeat 3 rounds. Little rest between moves as possible.

Move 1: Left Step up to Reverse Lunge

  • Moves 1&2 are just an awesome way to get warmed up and will fire up your legs and core. Each time you step up, press though your heel and add a knee crunch at the top. Use your arms for balance. Step down softly and step your foot back to a reverse lunge. In your lunge position, pay attention to your form – keep your knee in line with your toe and not going beyond it. Try to come down to a 90 degree angle in your lunge. Stay light in your front toe. 
  • If stepping up isn’t an option for you, do alternating forward reverse lunges and try to add the knee lift to activate your core. Hold onto a wall to keep your balance as needed.

Move 2: Right Step Up to Reverse Lunge

  • Even it out. Pace yourself, and use the same form you used for your left side.

Move 3: Triceps Dips

  • Place your hands behind you on a box or bench. The farther out your legs are, the more challenging this move will be. Raise and lower yourself, keeping your elbows in and arms parallel. Don’t let them splay out. 
  • Keep your chest open and don’t let your shoulders roll forward.
  • As you start to get tired, walk your feet in close and continue to do your dips.

Move 4: Narrow Burpee Sumo Jump

  • Narrow Burpees: all this means is that each time you come into your push up, keep your elbows hugging in close to your sides which will target your triceps.
  • Each time you jump, land in a sumo position, with your knees tracking in line with your toes. Jump again and as you land come back down into your narrow burpee.
  • You can modify burpees by walking your feet in or out in the push up, taking out the pushup and simply dropping your chest to the ground, taking out the jump and simply standing up, doing kneeling push ups, or in any other way that is comfortable to you.

Move 5: Elevated Thigh Metronome

  • I call this a metronome because you want to keep the same even pace with each leg. Use a strong elevated plank, with your shoulders stacked right over your wrists and your core engaged (back not sagging). 
  • Bring one foot out to touch, bring it back to center and immediately repeat with the other leg. Try to touch the floor on each side. 
  • You can modify this move by reversing the elevation and putting your torso and hands on a chair or bench and running your feet out side to side or try doing it on the floor in plank or forearm plank. 

Let me know if you have any questions and be sure to share this workout with a friend! Comment below if you’re trying it out!

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