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Hey Fitfam! So first, allow me to aplogize for not doing a blog post for a couple weeks. As many of you who started the 30-day Challenge know, I’ve been super focused on getting that program built so you can enjoy it! It doesn’t matter when you read this post, you can sign up and start the program anytime.

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The TRUTH About Your Weight….

Now I got an email from Jen this weekend, headline subject “Discouraged” and what Jen wrote to ask me about echoes what I hear over and over again from people right around days 8-14 of any program they do. 

Hi Bree,
I’m doing your 30 day challenge and I bought your 30 day meal plan as well. I was on a very unhealthy path of eating crap every day and feeling awful, like I was waiting to have a heart attack or something.

I have 2 little ones so I knew I had to snap out of it. I have been doing so awesome sticking to the food and getting in every work out.

I had great results last week. Down 5lbs and 6.4 inches. This week I was a tad discouraged with my results I stuck to the meal plans and work outs….Is it normal for results to slow down like this right away? Am I eating too little or not enough?

My husband and I are LOVING this challenge!!! Thank you for all the time and hard work  you put into it…your AWESOME :) 15 minute work outs have been a nice way to ease back into the whole working out again….while in those 15 minutes you still manage to kick our asses (in a good way). So thank you keep being your awesome self.

Hopefully chat soon.


First, let’s celebrate how well Jenn is doing.

She made a MAJOR difference during her first week swapping out unhealthy processed foods for healthy, whole foods. She’s stuck to a consistent exercise plan. She doesn’t tell me exactly why she’s so discouraged, but my guess is because she didn’t see an additional 6.4 inch decrease in the next 7 days and another 5lb drop in weight.

Let’s talk about our weight. 

Weight is a terrible indicator of body composition. Your weight is simply a number that tells you how much the combined tissues in your body weigh – but it doesn’t tell you the far more important thing, which is what those tissues are actually composed of. For the purpose of this post, I’m going to focus on the two tissues most of us are thinking about right now: muscle and fat. 

Muscle and fat are very different creatures in your body. A pound of fat and a pound of muscle weigh exactly the same thing, but they take up very different amounts of space in your body.

Photo Feb 22, 15 18 30

So if you are adding muscle to your body because you’re following a consistent exercise program and eating in a way that supports that muscle and burns fat, you’re going to be gaining a little lean muscle and burning body fat.

This is what you were after in the first place, but what you forgot was that this awesome change your body is going through doesn’t mean you’re going to suddenly lose 20-30lbs in 2-3 weeks.

What usually happens is that you’ll initially lose weight your body was holding onto from inflammation created from the junk in your diet, and then you’ll experience a more gradual weight reduction over the coming weeks as you stick to your healthy eating plan.

This is the healthiest and most sustainable way to change your body. When you combine that approach with an exercise program like the ones I create, you accelerate your results massively.

The mistakes I see people make are the following:

  • 1. Getting discouraged because they feel they aren’t losing enough weight
  • 2. Getting discouraged because they are comparing their body/result to other people’s – who they don’t actually know the health history, full story (like what happens 2-3 weeks after a rapid weight loss from taking diet pills or crash dieting)
  • 3. Switching programs after a week or two because they don’t think they’re getting fast enough results which often causes an adverse physiological response and can increase weight gain as there is often a lag period in which the individual gives up before starting over – known as the bottom of the roller coaster.
  • 4. Getting stressed about the expected results and how fast they’re going to happen causes stress hormones to rise, which promotes storage of more belly fat, decreases our ability to get good rest (another way to pack on more fat), and decreases quality of life and life enjoyment. 

IMG_7312So….if this is you, or has ever been you, what I want you to know is that YOUR body is on its own schedule. It’s changing. Every choice you make creates a chain reaction that reverberates throughout your cells, organs, tissues and brain.

Remember that you may be dealing with a fatigued system, a system that has been inflamed for a while, a system with some hormone imbalances, a system that’s been under seige for possibly years with the chemical byproducts of processed foods that have short circuited your metabolism, screwed up your hormones and put you in a constant state of fat storing.

You can’t expect it to bounce back over night.

That’s why it’s important to pace yourself. LEARN the actual nutrition information that will help you make and stick to the kind of changes that are needed to produce STELLAR, long lasting results.

piping hotLet the food you’re eating teach you about your body, and let your body teach you about the food you’re eating.

When I wrote back to Jenn, I reminded her that she can and should vary the quantities of the food she’s eating daily based on the recommendations I gave her in my program. No matter what program you follow, there is NO “one size fits all” amount of food. Your needs are going to change daily.

If you’re eating whole foods and following my system for optimizing your intake of the RIGHT nutrients, you absolutely cannot get this wrong. But you’re not going to drop 20 pounds in a week. You didn’t GAIN 20 pounds in a week, right? Let your body do its thing, and support it along the way. 

And remember, my ladies out there, your hormones fluctuate throughout the month (everyone’s do, but you know what I mean) and you need to be gentle with yourself and not beat yourself up for eating some chocolate or craving a little more fat than normal. Your body is SMART. Fall in love with it. It is a vessel of awesomeness and it supports and carries you through your life. 

To see the best result on the outside, get engaged with what you’re putting INSIDE your body.

Mel gained kg, but lost inches. Which do you think is the real indicator of her health? Her weight or her measurements and photos?

Mel gained kg, but lost inches. Which do you think is the real indicator of her health? Her weight or her measurements and photos?

You don’t have to become a nutritionist to do this right, either. You also don’t need to try every fad diet out there, count every calorie, track every bite of your food, or eliminate everything you like every day forever and always! Haha.

You can and should start out by understanding Carbohydrates, Fats, Protein and Greens, what the best food sources of them are, how to make them into tasty meals and have a strategy to save you money on those foods so you can spend more money and time on the other things you want to do.

For the best results, combine your healthy eating with fitness….and if you don’t see your weight drop rapidly but you’re taking your progress pics you WILL see your body start to change. Look for those signs. Don’t judge the whole, remarkable, complex you by some arbitrary number that cannot take all of your awesomeness into account.

I’ll see you soon…be sure to check out my healthy eating system The Body Fuel System…and sign up for my Free 30-Day Fitness Challenge to put all this great information together as soon as possible!

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