Betty Rocker’s Health, Fitness and Happiness Manifesto: Top 15 Rules for a Rockin’ Body and Balanced Life

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1. Drink a Green Smoothie Every Day Why I do this: The fiber in a smoothie has wonderful benefits for your digestive system. Also, I don't love cooking greens all the time, and it can be tough to get enough greens in on a daily basis. Making a smoothie gives me the opportunity to create a mini meal, plus greens. Best Practices: Regularly rotate your greens and ingredients for the greatest nutrient variety. When it comes to what to put in, imagine the ingredients on a plate, like a big salad … [Read more...]

Full Body Home Workout Blast

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I was home in upstate New York this past week visiting family, and I wanted to get a workout in. You guys know how tough it can be to find time for yourself when you're doing family stuff - but this workout is quick, doesn't require any equipment (unless you can call washcloths equipment lol), and will work your booty, core, legs and upper body. We're going to include the single leg deadlift that I had you work on last week so you can keep building that posterior chain strength and working … [Read more...]

Blackberry Vanilla Breakfast Smoothie

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I've been making a really awesome smoothie lately with just a few variations (fruit, protein powder flavor) - but it's easy to duplicate and works GREAT as a breakfast smoothie if you're on the go. Blackberries are pretty awesome if you can get them - they taste amazing, and they're high in Vitamin C and fiber. They also contain high levels of ellagic acid, a phenolic compound shown to have anti-carcinogen, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Try out this recipe, and feel free to … [Read more...]

Build a Booty: Single Leg Deadlift

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In today's post, I'm going to be focusing on one of my favorite booty-sculpting movements: the single leg deadlift. Not only is this movement phenomenal for lifting and shaping the glutes, it's a super important lift that integrates the muscles of the posterior chain and helps strengthen and align the postural stabilizers of your body - incorporating the core, pelvis, lower back hamstrings and glutes. It is effective done with or without weight; the only way it is IN-effective (and dangerous) … [Read more...]

10 Moves for Booty, Abs and Legs: Home Slider Workout

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You're going to love this great workout you can do anywhere with just a couple of towels (or paper plates or frisbees even on a carpet). Just 10 moves that target your booty, abs and legs and will take your bodyweight workout to a whole new level with the added resistance of sliding! Check it out, do it with me, and be sure to comment below and let me know how you do! You can use a step or box if you don't have stairs, just be sure it's secure so you don't slide around. If you have … [Read more...]