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30-day challenge week 1 betty rockerAre you excited for the 30-day Challenge to start? Coach Kylie and I are too!

If you’re REGISTERED for the LIVE challenge (free), you’ll be getting links to the weekly video workouts, workout downloads and bonus content to help you make the challenge even more successful, and access to the private support group! 

If you registered and don’t see emails from me, PLEASE READ THIS PAGE – we want you to be able to get all of your free content!

It runs October 1-October 31st 2014! I’ll be posting the workouts here on the blog in this format so you have them later as a reference and you can pin them!

Be sure to follow the 30-Day Challenge Pinterest Board for daily bonus challenges, and the 30-day Challenge YouTube playlist for Support and Motivation!

Your challenge is to do this workout 3 times this week. Here’s how to format the workout, depending on your fitness level:

  •  If you are:
    ADVANCED: do 3-5 rounds 3 times this week:
    Day 1: 0:45-1:00 work/5-10 rest
Day 2: 1:00-1:15 work/5-10 rest
Day 3: 1:15-1:30 work/5-10 rest CHALLENGE YOURSELF!!
    INTERMEDIATE: 3-4 rounds, 3 times this week:
    Day 1: 0:45 work/10-15 rest
Day 2: 1:00 work/10-15 rest
Day 3: 1:15 work/10-15 rest
    BEGINNER: 3 rounds, 3 times this week:
    Day 1: 0:30 seconds work/20-30 seconds rest
Day 2: 0:30-0:45 work/20-30 rest (try to add just a little more time!)
Day 3: 0:45-1:00 work/20-30 rest

These workouts are designed to be challenging!!

I end up modifying many of the moves by round 2 or 3, and just keep moving – if it’s a jumping move, go to body squats if you get winded for example, if an upper body move burns out your arms, hold a plank as long as you can. The point is to KEEP MOVING.

Move 1: Down Dog Flow

Photo Sep 27, 17:22:32

While in Downward dog (1) press firmly into the hands, contract the muscles of the arms so you don’t lock your elbows and press your chest and belly towards your thighs. 

Draw navel in and up to keep core engaged, and flow into a tall plank with your wrists beneath your shoulders (2). Keep you head neutral.

Keep your legs on strong while you are in plank and lower down to chaturanga (3) – which is a narrow pushup that has your elbows hugging into your rib cage.

Stop once your shoulders are in line with your elbows.  Use your knees if you need to (see below). 

Flip the tops of the feet to the mat and press into the ground to pull your chest forward and up into Upward Dog (4).  Again, don’t lock the elbows, keep biceps and triceps engaged.  Your hands and feet are pressing into the ground so much your thighs will be hovering above the mat.  Keep shoulders away from your ears. 

Use your lower abs to draw your hips up and back into the starting position of Downward dog (1).


Photo Sep 28, 15:34:44

  • Begin the same as above, but as you come down to chaturanga, drop your knees to the ground and stay there through the updog.
  • Use whatever modification is right for you, and remember it’s okay to change the modifications as you go through the workout. The biggest goal is to keep moving for the interval you are using (30 seconds, 45 seconds or 1 minute) and not to let your mind tell you to stop :)

Move 2: Alternating Squat Lunges

Photo Sep 27, 17:23:00Begin standing, feet about hip distance apart. We like keeping our hands up in a prayer position for balance to get started (1).

Shift the weight back into your heels and sit your hips back and down for a body squat, keeping your chest up (2). We are both going to our comfort level – go only as deep as you can with good form.

Stand back up, keeping your knees slightly bent (3) as you lunge your right leg back behind you (4).

When you lunge, keep the knee over the ankle and inline with the toes. 

Step forward again and do another body squat (5&6).

Come back up and this time step your left leg out behind you, coming into a reverse lunge.

Photo Sep 27, 17:32:01Continue to alternate. Move your hands wherever you’re most comfortable for balance.


  • Go at your own pace – don’t rush.
  • Only squat and lunge to a comfortable level for you.
  • The best way to stabilize yourself with this movement is to do it beside a wall or chair that you can hold onto that allows you to maintain good form and keep your balance.

Move 3: Fighter Combo 1: Jab, Cross, Jab, Knee

Photo Sep 27, 17:23:43Find an athletic stance, feet a little wider than shoulder width apart, a soft bend in the knees. Arms are up, in a fighter stance. 

Punch straight out in front for your jab (1), then cross the body with your back arm and pivot in the hips and on the balls of the back toes for the cross punch (2), and then jab one more time (3). 

As you pull your front arm back into the starting position (4), pull that same knee up as you crunch your obliques.

Continue this combo for half of your time, then switch to face the other side and continue the sequence.


  • Only drive the knee up as high as you’re comfortable with -you don’t need to go as high as me. You can take that part of the movement out entirely if you need to.

Move 4: #itburnsbetty Dips

Photo Sep 27, 17:28:14Start in reverse tabletop (1). Hands are below your shoulders, weight evenly distributed across your fingers and palms. Head is in neutral. Hips are lifted, feet are below the knees.

Bend your elbows slightly, keeping them parallel to each other as you lower yourself back (2), and then press back up.

Squeeze the back of the arms on the way up.  Keep your hips lifted the entire time.

Don’t rush this, go at a nice, steady pace. When you need a break (if it’s burning, it’s working!!) hold tabletop (1) and then try to squeeze a few more in before your time runs out.


  • Hold reverse tabletop and work on stabilizing your trunk and core. If that’s a little too challenging, sit on the ground with your knees bent arms behind you just like above. Gently dip and raise your body from a seated position, keeping your elbows parallel.
  • You can use the above modification if you’re working on building up your arm strength, and it’s also great to drop into midway through your set from the regular position to help get the last few reps out.

Move 5: Hot Booty Prisoner Squats

Photo Sep 27, 17:24:14Start standing, with your hands interlaced behind your head. This is a light, contacting pressure – don’t be tempted to pull your head forward. It should stay nice and straight and lifted, along with your chest.

Gently squeeze your shoulder blades together to keep those elbows out nice and wide.

Slowly lower down to one knee (1), then the other(2).  Press one foot into the ground at a time to come back to standing (3&4). 

As you do this, pressing firmly through the heel will really fire up your glutes and get them working, so take your time and work it!

Link your breath and movement, inhaling as you lower your knees down and exhaling as you come back up to standing.

Please be sure to have something soft beneath your knees like a mat or carpet or grass!


  • Take your hands from behind your head and keep them at your sides or on your hips. You can also use a chair back or wall for balance, to help you raise and lower yourself.
  • If this is too much, go into a basic body squat and keep moving, dropping down just as much as is comfortable for you.

Move 6: Total Core Domination Part 1

Photo Sep 27, 17:25:06Begin in a fully extended position, arms over your head, legs stretched out (1). Before you do anything, draw your belly button in toward your spine and notice how this flattens your lower back. This is the position you want to maintain in your core to keep it activated and engaged, and to protect your back.

Sit up, drawing your left knee into your chest (2).

Extend back out fully. Check in with your core.

Sit back up, this time drawing the right knee up to your chest (4), and extend your body back out.

Roll yourself over onto your stomach. Use your hands to help as needed (5).

Keeping your feet on the ground, lift your upper body up for an upper body extension (6).

Photo Sep 27, 17:28:52Lower down with control and roll back to the starting position.

Alternate the direction you roll each time to allow your internal and external obliques to get an even workout. 


  • Lay on your back, hands at your sides. Bend your knees, allowing the toes to touch the ground.
  • Alternate raising your knees up to your chest and down, maintaining a strong core the entire time (don’t allow your back to arch).
  • Roll over slowly. Only lift up as high as you can. Press your toes into the ground to help you balance.

Move 7: Surfer Pop-Ups

Photo Sep 27, 17:27:01Begin in a tall plank position (1). Hands are stacked below the shoulders, belly draws up to your spine, head is in neutral.

Drive your hips up and to the side, landing in a sumo (wide leg) squat with your chest up (2). It is not necessary to be as deep in your squat as me, just keep your chest lifted and smiling is required :)

Place your hands back down in front of you and jump back to plank (3).

Pause if you need to to catch your breath, then jump to the opposite side, landing in a sumo squat (4). Be sure to keep your knees pointed the same direction as your toes. It’s okay if they go a little beyond the toes, this is a natural crouch position for the body.

Continue at a steady pace, side to side.

Photo Sep 27, 17:32:58MODIFICATIONS:

  • Any time you need a break, hold plank. You can take either variation – knees or hands.
  • If this is too much on your hands, but you still want to work your glutes, do sumo squats. Stand with feet wider than shoulders, toes pointed out slightly. Drop into a squat, letting your knees go over your toes. Pulse up and down.

Repeat these moves 3 times, taking any modifications needed!Use the TIMING SEQUENCE appropriate for YOUR fitness level to plan your Week!

DO NOT give up on your workout because you need to modify a couple moves, or can’t finish a full round with the prescribed movement – do YOUR best, modify when you need a break and KEEP GOING!! If it’s NOT challenging, you’re NOT going to see CHANGES!


For the BEST Eating Plan to Follow During the Challenge, CLICK HERE to Visit the 30-Day Challenge Meal Plan!

30 day challenge eating plan set with text

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