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Photo Sep 09, 11 03 42 PMJoin me and my friend Mimi as we cruise around Denver on the Ruckus on our way to workout in City Park!

Expect to get an amazing core workout, get your heart rate up and work your entire body – and be done in 15 minutes with today’s workout!

If you have the opportunity to work out outside, take it. Breathing fresh air and moving around just feels natural. 

But wherever you are, you won’t need any equipment for this workout, and you can work your entire body with these awesome moves.

Be sure to check in and let me know how you’re feeling after you do this workout – hearing you worked out with me lets me know we’re kicking butt together!

In the video demo, I’m doing each move for 0:30 – start there, and if you can do 0:45 or 1:00 get after it!

Full Body Burn Workout

Format: 3 rounds
Beginner: 0:30 each move | Intermediate: 0:45 each move | Advanced: 1:00 each move
Short rest between each move, short rest between each round.

1. Box or Step Jumps

  • This is a great hamstring and glute activator that requires your core to stabilize your lower body as you jump up and down. 
  • Load your feet and leap onto an elevated surface. It could be a box, step, or edge of a fountain. Land softly with your feet in line and extend your legs. Jump back, again landing softly and keep your weight back in your heels. Keep your chest lifted throughout the jump and use your arms to propel you. 
  • If this causes you any pain or is difficult, you can step up and down to train the same muscles with less impact. Be sure to really press through your heels each time you come to stand, and lower back with control. 

2. Alternating Single Leg Push-Ups

  • Add a little extra challenge to the chest and triceps by lifting your left leg and then lifting your right. You can alternate with each press, or you can do 3-5 on one leg then switch like I am.
  • Be sure to hold a strong plank throughout this entire movement. Hug your belly button up toward your spine, and drop both feet down if lifting becomes to tiring.
  • You can also perform this movement on your knees. With both knees on the ground, come into a strong plank, then lift and straighten one leg. Perform kneeling push ups with alternating straight leg lifts, or simply do kneeling push ups with both knees on the ground to build strength in your upper body.

3. Jump Switch Lunge

  • This move gets your glutes and quads – and will really get your heart rate back up!
  • Begin in a lunge position with your right foot forward, with up to a 90 degree bend in the knee. Press through your right heel and spring up from your back foot, switching your legs in the air and land in a lunge with the left leg forward, right leg back. 
  • Continue to jump switch lunge, landing softly and keeping your chest up. 
  • Slow it down and do alternating forward and reverse lunges without the jump if you need a break, or aren’t comfortable jumping. Only go as deep in the lunge as you’re comfortable going.

4. Side Plank Knee Crunch (split time between each side)

  • Awesome combo move for your obliques and shoulders, come into a high side plank with your feet either stacked or crossed in front of one another.
  • Square your hips in front of you, avoiding the tendency to roll forward or back as you crunch your upper knee up to meet your top hand. Keep your head and neck in neutral and engage your core.
  • Drop to an elbow plank and/or drop the bottom knee down to work on building your strength for this advanced move. All variations will effectively work your obliques and strengthen your shoulders.

5. Crescent Kicks (split time between each leg)

  • Get ready to jump around and have some fun with this great fighter move that works your hips, glutes and lower abdominals!
  • Come into a fighter stance with your left foot slightly in front of your right, and get light on your feet. Go ahead and bounce around a few times, bringing your hands up by your face.
  • Your kick will come from your back leg, and you’ll want to imagine you’re going to draw a crescent with foot during the kick. So it arcs up (as high as you’re comfortable with) and across in front of your body. Land back in your stance and bounce a couple times to reset and do it again. Do half of your time on one leg, then switch.
  • You can kick low, or turn it into a knee kick. This is a great way to see how tight your hips are, and if one is tighter than the other. The hip joint is generally not super flexible, and this is a very good move to remind it how much it can move. Follow this up with some pigeon stretches to open up your hip if you feel tight or have a hard time kicking up.

6. Alternating Side Jump-Ins

  • An awesome move for you shoulders, arms, obliques and lower abs!
  • Come into a high plank, hugging your belly button up toward your spine. Jump your knees under you toward the right and then jump them back to start. Jump in to the left. Repeat. Go at a pace you can maintain – this is supposed to be challenging!
  • You can modify or slow this move down and still target the same muscles by switching to cross body mountain climbers. Simply hold you high plank and bring your right knee over toward your left elbow. Bring it back to plank. Then bring your left knee across toward your right elbow. Go as fast or slow as needed, and focus on you plank form. 

Where did you do this workout? And what part of your body felt it the most?

Do you like workouts like this?

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