Delicious Detox Dessert: White Chia Grapefruit Ginger Cups

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This dessert packs a powerful punch whether you're looking to detox, boost your immune system, or add a delicious, healthy new dessert to your repetoire! It takes very little time to make, you can do everything in the food processor - and hey, if you can't find white chia seeds this works great with black too. Why might you want to think about including foods with detoxifying or internally cleansing properties? Number one, the powerful nutrients in the ingredients I used to create this … [Read more...]

Detox + Immune Boosting Superfood Green Smoothie


Our bodies can easily get overloaded with toxins from the environment... ...not to mention processed foods and alcohol, and it's a great idea to support our internal systems with foods that have cleansing, detoxifying benefits as well as boosting our immune system. Join me in the kitchen today and I'll share a delicious Green Smoothie recipe that will cleanse your body from the inside out, and share the benefits of these wonderful foods. Some of the benefits of detoxifying greens … [Read more...]

Restorative Blend

restorative green smoothie

Need to Detox? Have you ever had food poisoning? Or maybe a horrible hangover that left you feeling like death? I ate something yesterday that destroyed me, kept me up throwing up all night until there didn't seem to be anything left in my stomach (so sorry to be graphic!). It can happen to anyone - and no matter what the cause its very important to take care of yourself the next day by replenishing and restoring your body. I mixed up a very simple concoction that really rehydrated me, … [Read more...]

Easy One-Day Detox

one day detox

Do you ever overindulge in sugar, alcohol or junk? I know I do - holidays being a fine example - it happens, and I would argue those occasional indulgences are an important part of living a healthy, balanced life. If you are focusing primarily on healthy, whole food eating, those occurrences won't derail you from your goals. They can leave you feeling a bit depleted though, and in those cases I personally spend a day including very specific detoxifying foods to get my body back on … [Read more...]

Raspberry Carrot Ginger Detox Green Smoothie

Raspberry Carrot Ginger Green Smoothie

This month, I'm participating in a great challenge on Instagram. For 30 days, my friends @fitmencook, @dieffs and other awesome instagrammers are posting weekly fitness and nutrition challengs. This week of detox may sound challenging, but it is actually very simple. Just make a green smoothie every day, and include some greens with each meal. I walk around my house munching on raw greens so often, my friends call me the "Baby Gorilla" haha. I also keep sugar snap peas in my fridge for … [Read more...]