Fat-Burning Meal Planning

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I have some fantastic info for you today to help you make this week, this month - and I hope the rest of your life easier, more efficient, more affordable, and healthier when it comes to food. Failing to plan is planning to fail. If you've been on instagram or social media in the past year, you will have noticed a trend in the food prepping sphere. All kinds of big accounts are teaching and preaching the simple art of food prepping. "Failing to plan is planning to fail" makes sense when it … [Read more...]

Easy Weekly Green Smoothie Set-Up & Prep


Do you ever feel like keeping up with a healthy lifestyle on top of everything else you have going on is impossible? Whether you are building your own business, constantly on the road for work, a busy parent with a full-time job or a student with a full course load, I know your day is packed from morning til night. Life is short, and there is nothing that's as important as taking care of the body that gets you through it.  Personally, I'm on the go all day - and if I had to choose one … [Read more...]

Challenge Day 4: Pack Your Food for the Day


Challenge Day 4: Pack your food for the Day When we were kids, our moms packed lunches and snacks for us. When we were babies, they never left home without a bottle and our baby food. That's because Mom knew that we needed a steady supply of nutrients to get big and strong, and to thrive! But somewhere between high school and our first job, it got 'cooler' to go out to eat with our friends and Mom had to pack our thermos and lunchbox away. And then something started to happen. We noticed our … [Read more...]

Secrets to Success in Clean Eating: Weekly Green Smoothie Prep

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3 Ways Green Smoothies Help Us Get Healthier, Fight Fat, and Feel Amazing 1. Green Smoothies are one of the most efficient and tasty ways to ensure you're getting all the vital nutrients, anti-inflammatory compounds, phytochemicals and vitamins your body needs to function at its best into your body on a daily basis. 2. Getting in your greens supports your liver, your body's primary fat-burning organ. One of your liver's important jobs is to filter out toxins and wastes, and if you're … [Read more...]

Weekly Food Prep: Breakfast Burritos

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One of the best ways to stay consistent and be successful with clean eating is to prep some of your food ahead of time. In the Body Fuel System, I wrote a section to help you do this for each of the 4 weeks of the 30-day eating part of the program. One of my good friends was telling me that his favorite thing to eat for breakfast is breakfast burritos....which naturally fired up the Nancy Drew circuits in my Jedi brain to come up with this awesome little prep idea. Now you have the option … [Read more...]