Top 5 Best SuperFoods You Should be Eating


Imagine that the foods you were eating today were actually lowering your cholesterol, promoting healthy fat loss, reducing your risk of heart disease and cancer - and even putting you in a better mood! Foods that contain an abundance of essential nutrients, are easy to find - and easy to cook - top my list for foods with "super" benefits - and will fuel your body with everything it needs for optimal health. Here are the top 5 foods that I include in my daily (and/or weekly) diet, some tips … [Read more...]

Dining In: Sesame Baked Chicken with Garlic and Greens


I am notorious for cooking fast, healthy dinners that taste so good friends say, I wish I could order this kind of food in a restaurant! I remember many dinners at nice places that had me scrambling to find something to order that was gluten free, wasn't cooked with a ton of saturated fat or sodium-drenched sauce, and tasted like real food - maybe you can relate? Bottom line is that having great food we can eat at home is key in building and maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle. We're … [Read more...]

The Urban Hunter-Gatherer’s Favorite Green: Health Benefits of Kale

kale salad

Hi FitFam, my name is Betty Rocker and I am obsessed with Kale.So much so, one friend has nicknamed me the "Baby Gorilla." haha! This photo is from lunch at Whole Foods. I have been enjoying the flagship store so much since I've been in Austin - I've actually eaten there every day! I've had kale salad (like the awesome one in the picture), kale smoothies (with coconut water, frozen strawberries, ginger and a Raw protein powder packet), raw kale by the fistful....and now, let me tell you … [Read more...]

Rosemary Hemp-Seed Turkey Bites and Sauteed Kale

hemp bites

Here's a super easy, delicious and awesome Fitness Food Dinner Idea. If you're a regular on my website or in my Instagram feed you've seen my Sesame Herbed Turkey Bites in other great recipes I make (like Fire-Roasted Awesome Tomato Soup, or Gluten-Free Pizza with Pesto). I wanted to make them the other night but I realized I forgot to get sesame seeds - oh no! - but I did have hemp seeds on hand(read more about the numerous health benefits of hemp seeds). Here's the Recipe: Turkey … [Read more...]

Cowboy Eggs

cowboy eggs

As my new residence is the Lonestar State, I thought it fitting that my first Sunday breakfast was Cowboy Eggs. I first saw these hollowed-out toast breakfast bombs in the movie Moonstruck many years ago, and loved the idea but for some reason had never tried them. I found a coffee scoop today that looked like the perfect size to hollow out a center, and went to work! Traditionally, you would butter the bread and cook it like Grilled cheese. Instead of that, I opted for toasting mine … [Read more...]