May 272013
Easy Weekly Green Smoothie Set-Up & Prep

Do you ever feel like keeping up with a healthy lifestyle on top of everything else you have going on is impossible? Whether you are building your own business, constantly on the road for work, a busy parent with a full-time job or a student with a full course load, I know your day is [continue reading]

Apr 282013
Are Kelp Noodles All They're Cracked Up to Be?

Ancient man traveled for miles to obtain the medicinal benefits of sea vegetables (also known as seaweed), rich in minerals and antioxidants that alkalize the blood and strengthen the digestion. Sea vegetables contain virtually all of the minerals found in the ocean, and the broadest spectrum in any living plant. If you frequent Japanese restaurants, you [continue reading]

Mar 092013
Sweet Potato Sliders

I saw the most amazing sweet potatoes the other day and I was thinking I should turn them into burger buns. You could easily create a vegetarian or vegan burger, even a breakfast burger with this fun idea! So many possibilities….here’s mine to get you started! Sweet Potato Sliders You will need: knife, cutting board, [continue reading]

Feb 042013
Raspberry Carrot Ginger Detox Green Smoothie

This month, I’m participating in a great challenge on Instagram. For 30 days, my friends @fitmencook, @dieffs and other awesome instagrammers are posting weekly fitness and nutrition challengs. This week of detox may sound challenging, but it is actually very simple. Just make a green smoothie every day, and include some greens with each meal. [continue reading]

Jan 302013
How to Travel Healthy, Avoid Getting Sick, and Mastermind Your Midsection to Shredded

How many of you travel regularly for work? As someone who used to run a traveling business I can really I appreciate the challenge it is to stick to your clean eating when you’re on the road. Probably the number one reason I got so good at food prep was because every other week I [continue reading]

Dec 132012
Secrets to Success with Clean Eating: 10 Ways to Save Money on Quality Food on Any Budget

“Success is the natural consequence of applying the fundamentals.” -Jim Rohn Have you ever had this experience?   Every time you’re grocery shopping, one of two things happens at the register:   You can’t believe how much you spent. You can’t believe how LITTLE you spent!   Let me tell you, the first thing used to happen to me [continue reading]