Jan 102013
Rosemary Hemp-Seed Turkey Bites and Sauteed Kale

Here’s a super easy, delicious and awesome Fitness Food Dinner Idea. If you’re a regular on my website or in my Instagram feed you’ve seen my Sesame Herbed Turkey Bites in other great recipes I make (like Fire-Roasted Awesome Tomato Soup, or Gluten-Free Pizza with Pesto). I wanted to make them the other night but [continue reading]

Jan 042013
Healthy Dinner Quick Fix: Rosemary-Garlic Buffalo over Avocado Kale Salad

I made it to Austin! The first place I went was Whole Foods, right downtown. It’s one of the coolest Whole Foods I’ve ever been to – as it should be, it’s their flagship store! Even though I’m living out of a friend’s kitchen and won’t have all my own cookware for a few weeks, [continue reading]

Dec 232012
Coconut-Seared Sea Scallops with Raw Kale, Avocado and Salsa

It was awesome being in the tropical island paradise where I spent last week (Cook Islands, New Zealand) but can I just say I cannot live without KALE?! This was awesome. I have a one-day stopover in LA on my way back to Denver, just enough time to hit Whole Foods off Santa Monica Boulevard [continue reading]

Nov 132012
Delicious, Healthy Japanese Kabocha No Nitsuke (winter squash "simmer") by Gymnast and Olympic Lifter Shin Sakurai

In the interest of discovering the healthiest food and how to prepare it, I often seek out people who are living at the highest physical standard and ask them how they eat. I recently had the honor of being invited into my good friend Shin Sakurai’s kitchen, and learning several traditional Japanese recipes. Shin is basically [continue reading]

Sep 262012
Bok Choy Burritos with Creamy Avocado Pesto: Fitness Food at its Finest

What to do with leftover burgers? Turn them into Bok Choy Burritos, of course! To make these healthy, delicious wraps you’ll just need some fresh, leafy bok choy, a leftover burger or two (I had some Colorado grass-fed burgers leftover from the other night), a few tablespoons of my Creamy Avocado Pesto (it’s dairy-free, just creamy from the avocado!) and an [continue reading]

Sep 252012
Primal Buffalo Steak Mushroom Sliders with Fig Puree

 Primal Buffalo Steak Mushroom Sliders with Fig Puree   Ever since I made the Open-Faced Portobello Sandwiches I’ve been wanting to make another dish that featured the balsamic fig puree I concocted. Enter “Buffalo Steak Mushroom Sliders with Fig Puree.” While there are a few different parts to the assembly of this recipe, they are [continue reading]

Aug 282012
Open Faced Portobello Sandwiches with Quinoa-Apple Filling and Balsamic Fig Puree

The thing about inventing new and delicious food is that the my creativity muse goes into SUPER POWER ACTION MODE when I’m cooking for someone I care about. Ask any great song writer, author, painter anybody who creates ANYTHING and they will tell you, we do our best work when motivated by love (or pain [continue reading]