Mar 162013
Superfood: Asparagus and its top 5 Health Benefits

Superfood Saturday: Asparagus – one of my favorite vegetables – crunchy and delicious! Top 5 health benefits of Asparagus: 1. Contains Anti inflammatory nutrients 2. Contains Antioxidant nutrients: vitamin E, vitamin C, beta carotene (and more) 3. Good fiber content- supports digestion 4. Contains Inulin: feeds special bacteria in our intestine that aid nutrient absorption [continue reading]

Oct 092012
Aimee's Portobello Bruschetta

How I come up with recipes is simple: I love my friends! When someone asks me for a good idea, or tells me their specific dietary restriction my Nancy-Drew problem-solving skill set gets turned on “high.” Probably just like you, my best work always comes from the heart. I made this recipe specially for my [continue reading]

Aug 182012
Coconut Molasses Brussels Sprouts

How to Make the Best Brussels Sprouts Ever Brussels sprouts are an incredible vegetable, they are 25% protein (awesome), high in fiber, vitamin A, potassium and calcium and are one of the cruciferous, sulfur-rich vegetables it is so important to include in our diets. They contain very high levels of vitamin C – about 4 [continue reading]