Mar 182014
Sexy Arms: 5 Great Moves for Your Biceps and Triceps (no equipment required)

Sculpt Sexy Arms with….Your Gym Bag! Everybody has a bag that they throw everything in – from their laptop to their sneakers, when we’re busy and running around making life happen we need a catch-all for life! Ever think about how much that bag weighs? Or how you can take advantage of it to sculpt [continue reading]

Mar 052014
5 Moves for Strong, Sexy Inner Thighs [Video]

Thanks to all of your comments, questions and requests for more body weight moves, I’ve been making a series of videos that shows how to do 5 body weight exercises that isolate and train different parts of the body. In the series so far, we’ve covered Glutes and Outer Thighs, Lower Abdominals and today we’re [continue reading]

Jan 092014
Easy Tostadas Recipe (with video)

I like meals that are: a) Easy. b) Tasty. c) Good for me. d) Have leftovers! This delicious recipe satisfies all of my requirements! I can’t wait to finish my Healthy Entrees cookbook so I can share more recipes like this with you! Try this out, and feel free to modify or swap ingredients! (PS [continue reading]

Aug 252013
5 Moves for a Sexy Stomach at Endorphin (formerly Qi Extreme)

While I was in Denver last week, I dropped by to see my friend Chris Lindley, owner of Endorphin (formerly Qi Extreme) and crazy fitness junkie at his revamped Lowry location.  The Lowry studio has turned into one of the coolest places to work out in the city, with inspired graffiti covering the walls, and a huge [continue reading]

Jun 192012
WOD: Total Leg and Core Killer Workout

I love doing single-leg movements. They really challenge my balancing muscles and help me work on stabilizing my hips and core. Many people I work with have pelvic imbalances, so if you’re willing to really work on your form and watch yourself while you do this move, it can be incredibly helpful in isolating weaknesses [continue reading]

Apr 232012
How to Make Basil Pesto (Video) dairy-free, paleo

Make this delicious pesto recipe with me in an easy tutorial video. It’s dairy-free and filled with healthy, organic foods. Find out what I’m cooking my pesto with, and other cooking ideas for this delicious recipe! Yield: 3/4 cup Prep time: 10 minutes You will need: a food processor, cutting board and knife, grater or [continue reading]

Feb 232012
Post-Workout Stretching and Using the Foam Roller

Here is a quick video demonstrating the sequence I use to roll out my legs. You can’t add this into your post-workout routine too much – it’s great combined with stretching or on its own. The roller is a versatile tool that will help you get more out of your workouts through increasing your flexibility [continue reading]