Sexy Arms: 5 Great Moves for Your Biceps and Triceps (no equipment required)

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Sculpt Sexy Arms with....Your Gym Bag! Everybody has a bag that they throw everything in - from their laptop to their sneakers, when we're busy and running around making life happen we need a catch-all for life! Ever think about how much that bag weighs? Or how you can take advantage of it to sculpt some sweet biceps and triceps? I had actually not considered this until recently when I got this gorgeous Lululemon gold gym bag. I loved it so much, it went with me everywhere. I throw my … [Read more...]

5 Moves for Strong, Sexy Inner Thighs [Video]

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Thanks to all of your comments, questions and requests for more body weight moves, I've been making a series of videos that shows how to do 5 body weight exercises that isolate and train different parts of the body. In the series so far, we've covered Glutes and Outer Thighs, Lower Abdominals and today we're going to target the inner thighs. The inner thighs, or ADDuctor muscle group is a strong, supportive group of muscles that attach on the inside of our pubic bone (right at the top of … [Read more...]

Sweet Potato Sliders [Video]

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When I like something, I like to make it many times with variations - so if you've already seen this recipe here is my latest variation, and I made a video for you too! Sweet Potato Sliders originally happened because I was trying to find a way to bake sweet potatoes in the shortest amount of time. It's nice to have things that don't take long to cook, right? Especially when you're HUNGRY! (You can see the first version I posted for a nice variation with grilled onions and fresh … [Read more...]

Easy Tostadas Recipe (with video)

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I like meals that are: a) Easy. b) Tasty. c) Good for me. d) Have leftovers! This delicious recipe satisfies all of my requirements! I can't wait to finish my Healthy Entrees cookbook so I can share more recipes like this with you! Try this out, and feel free to modify or swap ingredients! (PS I called them healthy enchiladas before, and that's not correct - they are tostadas! But when it comes to cooking, like Julia Child says "you've got to have a what the hell attitude!" As long as … [Read more...]

5 Moves for a Sexy Stomach at Endorphin (formerly Qi Extreme)


While I was in Denver last week, I dropped by to see my friend Chris Lindley, owner of Endorphin (formerly Qi Extreme) and crazy fitness junkie at his revamped Lowry location. The Lowry studio has turned into one of the coolest places to work out in the city, with inspired graffiti covering the walls, and a huge indoor set up of monkey bars and fitness equipment. The studio itself (one of 5 unique Qi locations) also contains a state of the art Ryder spin room - if you're not familiar with … [Read more...]