The TRUTH About Your Weight

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Hey Fitfam! So first, allow me to aplogize for not doing a blog post for a couple weeks. As many of you who started the 30-day Challenge know, I've been super focused on getting that program built so you can enjoy it! It doesn't matter when you read this post, you can sign up and start the program anytime. >>Click Here to Sign Up for the Free 30-Day Fitness Challenge (and find out all about it too) The TRUTH About Your Weight.... Now I got an email from Jen this weekend, headline … [Read more...]

Betty Rocker’s Top 3 Booty Sculpting Secrets

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I know what YOU want for Christmas - a nice booty! (I'd argue that you probably already have one...but hey, we're always striving for improvement, right?!) There are a couple of ways to approach getting your glutes to look great. Guy or girl, the same tips apply. 1. Get to know your muscles The muscles that form the shape of your glutes are the gluteus maximus, medius and minimus. There are also a deep layer of muscles (called the "deep 6") that stabilize and support us while walking … [Read more...]

Total Body Awesomeness Home Workout with Kate Vidulich

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If you're looking for a total body workout that you can do at home, in less than 25 minutes, no equipment required, you're in the RIGHT PLACE! In this week's Rock Your Life Challenge Class, we were joined by special guest trainer Kate Vidulich, Australian fitness rockstar, fat loss expert, and the creator of Fat Loss Accelerators. In addition to the killer workout we did, Kate and I talked about how she got into fitness and the major wake up call that got her to get serious about fat loss … [Read more...]

5 Moves to Build a Strong Back – No Gym Required

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My primary focus in training is building a balanced body, and teaching you how to do the same. Modern life subjects us to many misalignment issues, repetitive motion injuries and stress around joints that we don’t realize is there until something gives way. Sometimes that is simply because we don’t use our opposing muscle groups in a balanced way.  Often some muscles get overused, and others underused leading to strained backs, unsteady knees, torn rotator cuffs, and other types of joint … [Read more...]

The Hottest Abs Circuit

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I've been getting a LOT of requests for bikini body workouts, and I decided to kick it off with a circuit that targets our abs - AND spikes our heart rate to maximize the fat burn at the same time! I'm calling today's fat-blasting core workout "The Hottest Abs" because it's from one of my good friends in the fitness industry, Shawna Kaminski - who is an expert on fat loss and rocks a shredded six pack stomach at the age of 50 (check out her fat loss over 40 program)! Guys, if she can do … [Read more...]