Apr 032014
5 Moves to Build a Strong Back - No Gym Required

My primary focus in training is building a balanced body, and teaching you how to do the same. Modern life subjects us to many misalignment issues, repetitive motion injuries and stress around joints that we don’t realize is there until something gives way. Sometimes that is simply because we don’t use our opposing muscle groups [continue reading]

Jan 052014
#1 Abs Circuit

#1 Abs Circuit  I just finished 3 rounds of this awesome abs circuit (which is an excerpt from the 15 Complete Moves for Awesome Abs video that comes with the Healthy Desserts Cookbook). Nothing burns fat faster than high intensity interval training and moves that work your entire core.  If you’re looking for a way to really [continue reading]

Nov 082013
The 3 Fastest Ways to Make Your Abs POP!

The Worst Ab Exercises… I still see people at the gym doing crunches and sit-ups, pulling on their heads, jacking up their necks and uselessly working the most superficial layer of abdominal muscle we have (rectus abdominus).   We all know that abs are made in the kitchen – what you eat and drink really [continue reading]

Jun 052013
Detox + Immune Boosting Superfood Green Smoothie

Our bodies can easily get overloaded with toxins from the environment… …not to mention processed foods and alcohol, and it’s a great idea to support our internal systems with foods that have cleansing, detoxifying benefits as well as boosting our immune system. Join me in the kitchen today and I’ll share a delicious Green Smoothie [continue reading]