May 142013
Coconut Curry Chicken Fettuccine with Capello's Gluten Free Pasta

When you’re eating gluten-free or grain-free and being mindful of your intake of pre-made foods….dishes like fetuccinne, gnocchi, and lasagna get rotated out in place of lighter fare. The sugar spike from the processed flour in the pasta, combined with the irritating gluten protein in the wheat can leave you feeling lethargic and overly full [continue reading]

May 272012
Delicious Blackberry-Ginger Muddled Mocktails

Summertime Chillers! Sometimes a great meal needs great drinks. Summer events call for a delicious beverage in-hand. But what if you’re not in the mood for alcohol, are training with specific goals, don’t need the extra sugar from the alcohol, or just plain don’t drink alcohol? My solution: Delicious Blackberry-Ginger Muddled Mocktails. Easy to make [continue reading]

Mar 162011
Roasted Chicken with Coconut Oil, Sweet Potatoes, Blood Oranges, Ginger and Garlic

On the menu tonight: Roasted 5lb chicken, coated with coconut oil, stuffed with ginger, garlic and blood oranges, baked with sweet potato and fennel. Served with home-made popovers and sautéed asparagus…and wine. For my latest cooking venture, I decided to experiment with coconut oil as an alternative to butter for coating my chicken with. Coconut [continue reading]