8 Amazing Ab Exercises

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There's really nothing sexier than a flat, toned stomach, but... ...there is no point in having abs that look great and don't actually function at their job of stabilizing us in all the movements we do. Back pain is definitely NOT sexy, but training your core wrong can actually set you up to hurt your back. Most people just think of their "core" as their stomach muscles, but it's actually made up of an entire band of muscle that wraps around your body above your hips - not just your stomach … [Read more...]

Triple Threat Fat-Burning Full Body Circuit

SL Good Morning Reverse Lunge R

This workout format is based off one of my absolutely favorite workouts in the world. It's a progressive strength series I used to do with my coach in Denver, famous Mr. America Tom Terwilliger. You take 2 complimentary strength moves and do them back to back, as a superset - but here's what makes this tough: you have to do the prescribed amount (7 of each move for today's circuit) back to back for 10 minutes. Having the clock ticking down always makes me push myself to do more - not … [Read more...]

Fat Burning Glutes and Abs Ladder Workout

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Do you think you need to sweat and struggle for an hour to get a good workout in? WRONG. Do you think you need to be at a gym, wearing your gym clothes with your hair back and your perfect sneakers 5 days a week to really see results? WRONG. And do you think that to burn fat you should do cardio for 45 minutes to an hour a day and feel guilty if you don't? NO. These are some of the most common misconceptions out there when it comes to fat burning, getting results and making a workout plan … [Read more...]

5 Moves to Sculpt and Strengthen Your Booty


I am SO EXCITED about the 30-day Challenge!! Did you sign up? I hope you're going to be part of it! It will be a blast! To get us all on track for a great May, I wanted to share this awesome new booty sculpting circuit I put together. You've got 5 great moves that work the glutes from different angles. This is a great circuit to do for fat burning as well with the In and Out Jump Squats and Box Jump Burpees. Be mindful of your form, use my notes below to get the most out of these … [Read more...]

Outer Thighs and Glutes Bodyweight Fat Burn Circuit

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After being on the road for 10 days, it's GREAT to be home! I came back to a very rainy week here in the Bay, and a lot of work to do - so I'm maximizing my time by adding in some bodyweight shred circuits as usual! After hearing a lot of requests for outer thighs and glutes, I made a 5-move circuit for you today that really targets those areas. You'll also get some bonus core in there, and really get your heart rate up too - maximizing your fat loss in a very short time. Aside from all … [Read more...]