Jul 072014
Stop Beating Yourself Up for Being "Bad" - Motivational Mondays

Motivational Mondays: Stop Beating Yourself Up for Being “Bad” Did you have an AWESOME 4th of July weekend? I got a LOT of comments today and confessions from people who went a little crazy over the holiday. Feeling guilty, feeling bad for eating all the ice cream, drinking too much, skipping their workouts, and generally [continue reading]

Jan 302013
How to Travel Healthy, Avoid Getting Sick, and Mastermind Your Midsection to Shredded

How many of you travel regularly for work? As someone who used to run a traveling business I can really I appreciate the challenge it is to stick to your clean eating when you’re on the road. Probably the number one reason I got so good at food prep was because every other week I [continue reading]

Jan 092013
How to Lose the Last 5 Pounds and Eliminate Stubborn Belly Fat: Part 2

Today I have 5 tips for dropping that last 5-10 pounds. But first, let me tell you guys I LOVE Austin! Thank you so much for all your great recommendations! I took your advice and tried Uchiko; probably one of the best sushi experiences of my life! And I’ve joined Castle Hill Fitness. If you’re [continue reading]