Aug 182014
7 Strategies to Feel Like a Superhero Anytime: Motivational Mondays

I heard from my good friend J today that she was really struggling with some things in her life. She wrote to say, “Honestly I’m not doing too well right now. I’m super stressed and overwhelmed….and broke. I’ll be fine. It’s just tough right now. There are so many things to get done and figure [continue reading]

Jul 072014
Stop Beating Yourself Up for Being "Bad" - Motivational Mondays

Motivational Mondays: Stop Beating Yourself Up for Being “Bad” Did you have an AWESOME weekend? I got a LOT of comments today and confessions from people who went a little crazy over the past few days. Feeling guilty, feeling bad for eating all the ice cream, drinking too much, skipping their workouts, and generally having [continue reading]

Jan 302013
How to Travel Healthy, Avoid Getting Sick, and Mastermind Your Midsection to Shredded

How many of you travel regularly for work? As someone who used to run a traveling business I can really I appreciate the challenge it is to stick to your clean eating when you’re on the road. Probably the number one reason I got so good at food prep was because every other week I [continue reading]

Jan 092013
How to Lose the Last 5 Pounds and Eliminate Stubborn Belly Fat: Part 2

Today I have 5 tips for dropping that last 5-10 pounds. But first, let me tell you guys I LOVE Austin! Thank you so much for all your great recommendations! I took your advice and tried Uchiko; probably one of the best sushi experiences of my life!And I’ve joined Castle Hill Fitness. If you’re in [continue reading]