The TRUTH About Your Weight

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Hey Fitfam! So first, allow me to aplogize for not doing a blog post for a couple weeks. As many of you who started the 30-day Challenge know, I've been super focused on getting that program built so you can enjoy it! It doesn't matter when you read this post, you can sign up and start the program anytime. >>Click Here to Sign Up for the Free 30-Day Fitness Challenge (and find out all about it too) The TRUTH About Your Weight.... Now I got an email from Jen this weekend, headline … [Read more...]

8-Minute Leg Shred Challenge

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Of the many places I have lived, I never enjoyed a training facility as much as Endorphin. Owned by Chris Lindley, there are 5 unique locations that features the best spin, yoga, boxing and high intensity warrior style classes I've ever seen, teacher training programs, retreats, great weight training facilities, fantastic trainers, and most of all a community of amazing people. I travel back to Denver regularly and train there every chance I get - and today I wanted to give you a taste of … [Read more...]

Love Your Body Green Smoothie

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Always make your smoothies with love - deserve to feel your best, and glow from the inside out - and that's what these greens do for us when they get inside our cells! Have you ever wondered what a "serving" of a green smoothie was? I often get asked if my recipes, which make more than a cup of smoothie are for one or two people. I drink the entire amount that the recipe makes. Here's an easy way to think about it: if you put all the fruits and vegetables you added in your … [Read more...]

Denver Body Weight HIIT Circuit (video)

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Try out this awesome body weight circuit our Denver Fit Fam did with me! I was in Denver last week working on our next 30-day challenge and had time to meet up with some of our Denver Fit Fam! Thanks for coming out guys! Here's the insanely awesome workout that we did - and special thanks to Orench and the crew at Awaken Adult Gymnastics studio for hosting us! Feel the Afterburn... Circuits like this one combine explosive movement with total body strength in a non-stop sequence that … [Read more...]

10 Simple Rules of Fitness

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10 Simple Rules of Fitness #1: Never go 3 days without exercise. Staying consistent with your fitness program is KEY in getting results - and keeping them. This applies to eating as much as it does to working out. It is less important what kind of exercise you do - what matters is that you get your body moving. #2: Work out at least 3 days a week. This goes hand in hand with rule #1. Aim for at least 2 days of strength training per week, and 1-2 days of fast-paced interval training - … [Read more...]