Jan 312014
8-Minute Leg Shred Challenge

Of the many places I have lived, I never enjoyed a training facility as much as Qi Denver. Co-owned by Chris Lindley and Dawnelle Arthur, Qi has 5 unique locations and features the best spin, yoga, barre and adult gymnastics programs I’ve ever seen, teacher training programs, retreats, great weight training facilities, fantastic trainers, and [continue reading]

Jan 292014
Love Your Body Green Smoothie

Always make your smoothies with love – ….you deserve to feel your best, and glow from the inside out – and that’s what these greens do for us when they get inside our cells! Have you ever wondered what a “serving” of a green smoothie was?  I often get asked if my recipes, which make [continue reading]

Nov 222013
Body Weight Leg and Glute Sculpting Circuit (Part 2)

Strong, balanced legs and a strong, balanced core will allow you to safely perform nearly any activity. Muscular imbalances sneakily develop over time – sometimes because of a side dominance, because we are sitting for work for many hours, because we are training for a specific activity without enough cross training – any number of [continue reading]

Sep 222013
Pumpkin Spice Protein Parfait

Welcome to Fall! My favorite season of the year is back! I absolutely love Fall. The weather gets cool enough to wear light jackets and close-toed shoes, I can actually go for a run outside in the afternoon without melting, Halloween is coming (!!!), and pumpkins are finally available again! Now some people will tell [continue reading]

Aug 182013
Witness the Fitness Workout: Week 3

Have you asked yourself lately WHY you exercise? Is it because it makes you feel great afterward, or because you have a goal you’re working toward? I’m going to be honest, I work out for two reasons:  1. I want to be strong. 2. I want to feel beautiful. I love how good it feels [continue reading]

Aug 112013
Witness the Fitness Challenge Week 2

Who’s ready for WTF Week 2?  WTF, WTF! Is what everyone doing the #witnessthefitness challenge says to themselves about halfway through round 2 of one of these crazy effective circuits! You guys are doing great! It takes dedication to stick to commitments we make to ourselves – so I’m glad you’re back for more and [continue reading]