Jan 212014
Dark Chocolate Goji Berry Cookies (gluten free, raw)

Dark Chocolate Goji Berry Cookies I’ve been enjoying the slightly sweet and unique taste of goji berries lately – in my smoothies, plain as a snack, on my oatmeal, and most recently in my cookies. You can whip up this recipe in 5 minutes in your food processor, it’s so easy. It’s 100% raw, uses just [continue reading]

Nov 172013
Pumpkin Spice Pancakes (gluten free, dairy free, grain free)

Good Morning from San Francisco! This week, I’m in beautiful Mill Valley on the edge of Muir Woods visiting my best friend for her birthday and for breakfast I raided her pantry and threw these delicious pumpkin pancakes together. This recipe makes a tender, moist and delicious pancake –  and while I will continue to [continue reading]

Oct 262013
Mail-Order Primal Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough from Capello's

Gluten-free/Grain-free/Primal Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough I’m a big fan of Capello’s, a Denver-based gluten-free specialty foods company – their products are so well made, and their ingredients are all things I have or have had in my own kitchen. I have tried all their pastas (#awesome) and just came home to find that my chocolate [continue reading]

Jun 232013
Healthy No-Bake Dark Chocolate Chocolate Fudge (gluten and dairy free)

No-Bake Dark Chocolate Fudge Well, it appears that dark chocolate and strawberries were the theme this weekend! And why not…I love celebrating the Summer Solstice! If you didn’t get a chance to catch my Chocolate Strawberry Donut Protein Pancakes, get that recipe right now! This gluten free dark chocolate dessert is so easy to make [continue reading]

Jun 212013
Gluten Free Chocolate Strawberry Donut Protein Pancakes

These awesome pancakes were NOT the original plan. You may recall from my last waffle post that I have been wanting a cast-iron waffle maker for some time, and I thought I found a good one online. It finally showed up yesterday, just in time for the new gluten-free, no sugar chocolate protein waffle batter [continue reading]

Jun 112013
Sweet Potato Spread

Sweet potatoes are one of my favorite fibrous vegetables. You can do so many things with them…. Sweet Potato Pancakes Sweet Potato Tots, Sweet Potato Pie Sweet Potato Sliders – even Sweet Potato Chocolate Chunk Cookies! Some of the reasons I like including them (aside from their wonderful texture and flavor): A good source of [continue reading]

May 152013
Gluten Free Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies (paleo and vegan)

Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies (gluten free, dairy free) 1 1/4 cups almond meal flour (other nut flours work too) 2-3 T cacao powder 1/4 tsp salt 1 tsp baking soda 2 tsp vanilla extract 1/4 cup grape seed oil (or coconut oil, just melt it first) 1/4 cup agave (or honey) 1/4 cup dark chocolate [continue reading]