Jan 092014
Easy Tostadas Recipe (with video)

I like meals that are: a) Easy. b) Tasty. c) Good for me. d) Have leftovers! This delicious recipe satisfies all of my requirements! I can’t wait to finish my Healthy Entrees cookbook so I can share more recipes like this with you! Try this out, and feel free to modify or swap ingredients! (PS [continue reading]

Sep 122013
One-Minute Double-Layer Chocolate Strawberry Protein Cake

Chocolate strawberry satisfaction that you can feel GOOD about! (in one minute – not kiddin’) Sometimes at night I want chocolate.  Oh, you too? I’m pretty sure it’s a natural phenomenon – but what’s NOT natural is eating a bunch of processed junk that gives you a stomach ache and leaves you feeling guilty!  When [continue reading]

Aug 192013
5 Ways to Use Coconut Milk

Raspberries and Coconut Milk…drool. Did you ever hear how coconut milk is traditionally made? It’s pretty cool. For the thick, rich stuff they squeeze grated coconut meat through a cheesecloth. The squeezed meat gets soaked in warm water, then squeezed again a few more times for a thinner coconut milk. The thick milk (20-22% fat) [continue reading]

Mar 092013
Sweet Potato Sliders

I saw the most amazing sweet potatoes the other day and I was thinking I should turn them into burger buns. You could easily create a vegetarian or vegan burger, even a breakfast burger with this fun idea! So many possibilities….here’s mine to get you started! Sweet Potato Sliders You will need: knife, cutting board, [continue reading]