Sundried Tomato Tuna Salad

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Sundried Tomato Tuna Salad I first got the idea to mix tuna and avocado together from my friend Jeff Siegel, who is a complete genius in many areas- not the least of which is eating. This recipe is super versatile, and it's one I use for everything from a late night snack to lunch on the fly. You can make it spicy with hot pepper or chili powder, you can add dill, or other fresh herbs to change the flavors, try dicing up vegetables like peppers, celery or carrots and mixing them together. … [Read more...]

Easy Tostadas Recipe (with video)

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I like meals that are: a) Easy. b) Tasty. c) Good for me. d) Have leftovers! This delicious recipe satisfies all of my requirements! I can't wait to finish my Healthy Entrees cookbook so I can share more recipes like this with you! Try this out, and feel free to modify or swap ingredients! (PS I called them healthy enchiladas before, and that's not correct - they are tostadas! But when it comes to cooking, like Julia Child says "you've got to have a what the hell attitude!" As long as … [Read more...]

One-Minute Double-Layer Chocolate Strawberry Protein Cake

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Chocolate strawberry satisfaction that you can feel GOOD about! (in one minute - not kiddin') Sometimes at night I want chocolate. Oh, you too? I'm pretty sure it's a natural phenomenon - but what's NOT natural is eating a bunch of processed junk that gives you a stomach ache and leaves you feeling guilty!  When all I can think about is destroying a pint of ice cream, the only thing that really stops me from driving to the store are the things I've learned about what eating … [Read more...]

Tuna Avocado Salad


Tuna Avocado Salad Yield: 1 serving You will need: can opener, mesh strainer, mixing bowl, fork, knife, cutting board, measuring spoons These delightful little bite-sized snacks can be made with 3 simple ingredients: 1 can tuna 1/2 avocado 2 T spicy mustard Mash everything together. You can serve them on sliced cucumbers with a little slivered carrot and cilantro garnish (as shown), or add diced shallots to spice them up a little more. I've also added chopped celery, parsley and … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Use Coconut Milk


Raspberries and Coconut Milk...drool. Did you ever hear how coconut milk is traditionally made? It's pretty cool. For the thick, rich stuff they squeeze grated coconut meat through a cheesecloth. The squeezed meat gets soaked in warm water, then squeezed again a few more times for a thinner coconut milk. The thick milk (20-22% fat) is used most often in dessert and sauces (I have really good luck using it in recipes that call for heavy cream, for example), and the thin milk (5-7% fat) is … [Read more...]