Full Body Home Workout Blast

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I was home in upstate New York this past week visiting family, and I wanted to get a workout in. You guys know how tough it can be to find time for yourself when you're doing family stuff - but this workout is quick, doesn't require any equipment (unless you can call washcloths equipment lol), and will work your booty, core, legs and upper body. We're going to include the single leg deadlift that I had you work on last week so you can keep building that posterior chain strength and working … [Read more...]

Build a Booty: Single Leg Deadlift

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In today's post, I'm going to be focusing on one of my favorite booty-sculpting movements: the single leg deadlift. Not only is this movement phenomenal for lifting and shaping the glutes, it's a super important lift that integrates the muscles of the posterior chain and helps strengthen and align the postural stabilizers of your body - incorporating the core, pelvis, lower back hamstrings and glutes. It is effective done with or without weight; the only way it is IN-effective (and dangerous) … [Read more...]

Moving Box Full Body Shred Workout 2

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Oh yes, moving is ROUGH! It's one of the easiest and most legit reasons to fall off track with your fitness routine. But there is something very therapeutic about taking charge of a still messy space and moving your body - after all that's one vessel that you take with you no matter where you go. I put this little circuit together before everything was even close to unpacked using just a moving box - and I invite you to sweat it out with me and get a great workout... Because hey, … [Read more...]

7-Day Abs Workout Plan

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Are you ready to strengthen your core and sculpt a lean, defined stomach? Use this awesome plan to burn up your core. Learn the Moves (plan below): Use the 3 ab sequences below throughout the week and the demo video to learn the moves, and any modifications I have for you too! A strong core has more benefits than just looking good - it's active in nearly every move your body makes, and when it's strong will help you move faster, have better balance, and protect your back. Speaking of … [Read more...]

Yoga for Athletes

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Hi my friends! I'm in the midst of an impromptu 14-day Challenge that I got my friend Scott Colby (The Abs Expert) to do with me. He's turning 44 (I like that number) in a little over a week - right after his "Unplugged Retreat" actually, where I'll be a guest instructor. He told me his birthday was coming up while we were at brunch with some friends last week and I immediately threw down the gauntlet for this 14-day challenge....naturally haha. We have been doing a 10-20 minute workout … [Read more...]