Jul 162014
12 Minute Bodyweight Burn: Thighs, Tri's and Abs

You don’t need much time and you don’t need any equipment to get a serious workout for your thighs, abs and triceps!! I know those areas can be trouble spots for a lot of us…areas that like to store stubborn fat that keep us from seeing that lean, sculpted muscle. I have to be brutally honest [continue reading]

Jun 252014
The Grill Workout: 10 BodyWeight Moves for that Summer Sizzle

Summer 2014 is officially here, and it’s time to GET SERIOUS about that body sizzle! You know I love doing my bodyweight shred workouts in crazy places, so for today’s fat-burning, body strengthening workout I jumped on this gorgeous firepit grill at my friend Catherine’s house So we are going to sizzle fo rizzle on [continue reading]

Jun 182014
Pistol Squat Progression

Last week I showed you how to work your way through a progression to do alternating pistol roll ups. How’s that going? Pistol roll ups, and pistol squats are important unilateral movements which should be practiced weekly. Why? Because they simultaneously target the strong, working muscle groups AND the intrinsic, proprioceptive muscles that aid our [continue reading]

Mar 052014
5 Moves for Strong, Sexy Inner Thighs [Video]

Thanks to all of your comments, questions and requests for more body weight moves, I’ve been making a series of videos that shows how to do 5 body weight exercises that isolate and train different parts of the body. In the series so far, we’ve covered Glutes and Inner Thighs, Lower Abdominals and today we’re [continue reading]