Aug 242014
Perfect Pie Crust (paleo, vegan, nut free)

You may remember my good friend Laura, who inspired those delicious Chocolate Chip Raisin Cookie Pancakes a few months ago…She’s got a nut allergy which presents some unique challenges for me, as I use nuts as a base for a lot of my recipes.  We were planning to get together for dinner and I wanted [continue reading]

Jun 112013
Sweet Potato Spread

Sweet potatoes are one of my favorite fibrous vegetables. You can do so many things with them…. Sweet Potato Pancakes Sweet Potato Tots, Sweet Potato Pie Sweet Potato Sliders – even Sweet Potato Chocolate Chunk Cookies! Some of the reasons I like including them (aside from their wonderful texture and flavor): A good source of [continue reading]

May 152013
Gluten Free Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies (paleo and vegan)

Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies (gluten free, dairy free) 1 1/4 cups almond meal flour (other nut flours work too) 2-3 T cacao powder 1/4 tsp salt 1 tsp baking soda 2 tsp vanilla extract 1/4 cup grape seed oil (or coconut oil, just melt it first) 1/4 cup agave (or honey) 1/4 cup dark chocolate [continue reading]

May 012013
Strawberry Vegan French Toast

And…this is the kind of awesomeness that happens when I run out of eggs. One of the great things about all of the different eating styles is that they can expand your cooking and eating range immensely. Whether it’s vegan, raw, paleo or vegetarian – people with different eating needs have been getting creative with [continue reading]

Apr 282013
Are Kelp Noodles All They're Cracked Up to Be?

Ancient man traveled for miles to obtain the medicinal benefits of sea vegetables (also known as seaweed), rich in minerals and antioxidants that alkalize the blood and strengthen the digestion. Sea vegetables contain virtually all of the minerals found in the ocean, and the broadest spectrum in any living plant. If you frequent Japanese restaurants, you [continue reading]

Feb 072013
Ginger Pear Green Smoothie

My recipe for today’s totally awesome Ginger Pear Green Smoothie: 1 pear 1 lemon- juice of 1/4 cucumber 1/4 cup fresh spearmint 3 T hemp seeds 1 chunk fresh ginger 3-4 stalks kale, de-stemmed 1-1.5 cups water One of my readers who is doing the Body Fuel System wrote me last night because she has [continue reading]

Dec 292012
Cinnamon Spice Green Smoothie

The power of greens can inspire greatness!! So this cinnamon stick might look like a pretty garnish but if you’re familiar with my green smoothies, you know I use spices a lot in them. It’s not just to make them palatable, it’s actually because spices contain powerful health-boosting compounds and nutrients. For example, cinnamon can [continue reading]