Aug 172012
Bacon Dipped Maple-Protein Pancakes gluten free, dairy free

Your Complete Breakfast… You read that right. Bacon – dipped in my new gluten-free, dairy-free Maple Protein Pancakes. You guys know breakfast is my favorite thing to eat (I often make second breakfast haha) and the only thing better than pancakes for breakfast is protein pancakes. I’ve been trying not to eat too much sugar [continue reading]

Jul 092012
Blueberry Protein Pancakes (gluten-free, dairy-free)

Blueberries are in season! Did you know that blueberries are a fruit that’s actually native to North America? They’re very low sugar, high in antioxidants, and have the ability to improve your memory. I’ve been eating them a lot this summer – putting them in green smoothies and on my breakfast salads. I had an [continue reading]

May 112012
Strawberry Crepes

Delicious, Healthy and Fun! These crepes are delicious, simple and fun to make with kids. I use sprouted spelt flour in this recipe. Spelt flour contains some gluten (a plant protein), though less than wheat flour. The sprouting process allows for a partial breakdown of the gluten (and other anti nutrients found on the external [continue reading]

Jan 252012
Second Breakfast: Quick Quinoa and Eggs

I love second breakfast! That’s usually when I like to eat eggs. Why second breakfast? Because eating multiple times throughout the day helps speed up your metabolism, keeps your energy levels stable all day long, and is one of the easiest ways I know to keep from making unhealthy choices about tempting foods. Today I [continue reading]