Simple Cleansing Sunday Green Smoothie

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I know I make a lot of what looks like complex dishes, but I'm really pretty simple - I like to use the fewest ingredients that will have the biggest impact on two things: my tastebuds and my health. This green smoothie came together without any effort, and it tastes as good as it looks - plus it's incredibly cleansing. Anytime you get the fiber from greens going through your system, you get the benefits of all their awesome phytonutrients and it's excellent for your colon … [Read more...]

Simple Green Smoothie Recipe and Blendtec Review

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Since so many of my readers ask me what kind of blender I use, I wanted to show you the one in my kitchen and tell you why I like it. There are a lot of great machines out there, but I'm in love with my Blendtec. Try this simple smoothie recipe and check it out in action! Simple Green Smoothie Recipe This recipe is super easy and simple, and great for beginners. 1-2 cups mixed baby spinach and other baby mixed greens (the most tender and sweet) 1/2 -3/4 cup pineapple (frozen or … [Read more...]

Top 2 Ways to Jumpstart a Good Mood

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Motivational Mondays I woke up today NOT feeling like a rockstar. I was wishing it was Sunday again so I could sleep in and have one more day to catch up on everything around my house. Bad moods are the worst. They sap our energy, creativity, drive and sometimes cause us to engage in behavior that isn't healthy. Hello, snacks I'm not even hungry for? Self-indulgent movie watching when I should be studying? Bring it on. Look, we can't feel like Mary Fucking Sunshine 24/7 but you … [Read more...]

Mint Mojito Green Smoothie

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This long weekend was super hot in the Bay and I wanted to make something delicious and healthy to celebrate with! This is a GREAT recipe if you're new to green smoothies, as it's very well balanced and easy to make - easy to drink too! - with ingredients that anyone could find. Of course adding a little rum to this to make an a healthy spin on a mojito wouldn't be a bad idea haha - I'd for sure leave the honey out if you do that and maybe add a little ice - but this works best for me as a … [Read more...]

Love Your Body Green Smoothie

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Always make your smoothies with love - deserve to feel your best, and glow from the inside out - and that's what these greens do for us when they get inside our cells! Have you ever wondered what a "serving" of a green smoothie was? I often get asked if my recipes, which make more than a cup of smoothie are for one or two people. I drink the entire amount that the recipe makes. Here's an easy way to think about it: if you put all the fruits and vegetables you added in your … [Read more...]