Apr 152014
Strawberry Chia Breakfast Smoothie

Do you ever wake up craving a specific food? Today I was just craving strawberries. Always a good idea to listen to the body, so I made this tasty strawberry smoothie. Do you use chia seeds in your smoothies? They’re definitely a staple in mine, and here’s why: they’re naturally detoxifying and contain a healthy [continue reading]

Sep 222013
Pumpkin Spice Protein Parfait

Welcome to Fall! My favorite season of the year is back! I absolutely love Fall. The weather gets cool enough to wear light jackets and close-toed shoes, I can actually go for a run outside in the afternoon without melting, Halloween is coming (!!!), and pumpkins are finally available again! Now some people will tell [continue reading]

Jul 282013
Peanut Butter Protein Crepes

I Love Peanut Butter I was totally craving peanut butter the other day, and decided to try my hand at a variation of one my favorite breakfast foods growing up: crepes! My recipes has some protein powder to make these extra nutrient-dense (and extra delicious in my opinion), and while I was initially worried that [continue reading]

Jul 112013
Mango-Basil Post-Workout Smoothie

Yummmmm…..Mangos were looking delicious so I concocted this creamy awesome post-workout blend with fresh basil. I know, might sound like a funny combo but it was delicious, and also really good for the bod! Basil contains some really beneficial volatile oils that have anti inflammatory benefits – a quality that is great to have after [continue reading]

May 142013
Coconut Curry Chicken Fettuccine with Capello's Gluten Free Pasta

When you’re eating gluten-free or grain-free and being mindful of your intake of pre-made foods….dishes like fetuccinne, gnocchi, and lasagna get rotated out in place of lighter fare. The sugar spike from the processed flour in the pasta, combined with the irritating gluten protein in the wheat can leave you feeling lethargic and overly full [continue reading]

Mar 162013
Warrior Green Smoothie for Strength and Weight Loss

Focusing on including as much nutrient density as possible in your meals is one of the most sustainable, healthy ways to lose weight and burn fat. Nutrients to focus on include protein, fat, carbohydrates and greens (I call greens a separate group because they’re so important for their numerous health benefits). It’s really easy to [continue reading]